Sunday, August 4, 2013

Imho The best soap for blemished, acne-prone skin is Derma

 The best anti-acne soap... according to my husband

--is Derma Sulfur soap by Swallow. Unfortunately, we think it is discontinued. Here in Metro Manila, Philippines, we can't find it in Mercury Drug or Hortaleza anymore. I met their rep while waiting in the doctor's clinic in a semi-private hospital and she said they still manufacture it but she can't sell to me when we contacted her. So this is the next best thing for him-original DERMA White Beauty Bar soap by JoToCo. He had severe acne as a teener, and a dermatologist from a public hospital prescribed him some fancy but mid-cost medications. When that didn't help, he RX'd the sulfur soap. Now, about this soap which comes in 3 colors- pink, green and white.

  • Cheap Php 43 for 100 gms
  • No irritating smell
  • Feels really clean after washing
  • Has a bit grainy, not slippery texture
  • Effective
  • Not easy to find
  • Can be blah not fancy packaging
My hubby uses my facial washes and soaps every now and then but he always returns to this. With so many cleansers available, and their promos and freebies, you could really try so many. Some will work for you, others won't. I have tried numerous brands, I usually like it when it's- number 1 whitening and number 2 anti-acne. It's tempting to switch often, but I also used this and I can say it really works and worth repurchasing.

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