Sunday, August 4, 2013


Hello, beautiful reader,

Ever since I saw it on an in flight catalog, I've been secretly longing for a long time to have a Lancome YSL or Dior makeup travel palette. It's really cute and dreamy. Finally, my husband gifted me this from Duty Free when I came back from my travel abroad. It costs around PhP 3,000. I was ecstatic and I also searched online for more info regarding this. My wish fulfilled- Lancome Absolu Voyage-

What I liked

  • Beautiful Packaging
  • Rich Colors
  • Shades perfect for my light skin tone
  • With a GWP- little white bag
  • Good brushes
  • Quality product made in France
  • Comes with a black pouch with a little rose that protects the casing
  • Complete- all you need
  • The mascara made my eyelashes more defined and it was a clean look, but not dramatically- no mega volume and extreme length
  • It has magnetic enclosure. Open and close with ease
What I didn't like
  • I should have chosen the regular one 'cause I had many of these eyeshadow colors (pinks, grays) but not browns
  • Expensive
  • Looking at the powder compact in the pan it looks grainy like a sandpaper (and no long oil control ) see pic below
  • The lippies dried my lips or maybe 'cause it's cold season during the time it chapped my lips (but my lips never peeled, only when I used this) or maybe cause the lip brush becomes stiff with wax on it so kind of exfoliated my lips
  • The lip and eye pencil were super small and thin that it was almost impossible to sharpen and can't use it cause it breaks
  • There's a product name and description on the box but I don't know to which of the products in the kit it belongs (i.e., which is which). Better if they made the inner plastic protection inside instead of rose print when you lay it, there should be a label indicating the names atop the products.
  • Did not see a manufacturing or expiration date
  • Maybe just my imagination, but when I use the brush to apply eyeshadow, I can't distinguish the color-just sparkles and glitters. But when I use a sponge applicator, the color shows ex- pink looks pink
Will I repurchase? Although its too beautiful and complete,  I'd like to try their other kits or one from another high end brand.

Thanks for reading.
 Love, peace and blessings!

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