Monday, September 23, 2013

adopt, don't shop!

Eversince I was a kid, little kitties have a special place in my heart. I pity them when I'd see an abandoned one and take it home. That goes for stray dogs too. I wanted to feed them all and give them a home if I could.. I took home a puppy with mange once but I think it was so sick that it died a few days after. Some people would give me a crazy look. Some would say that it's better to buy imported or those with breed. I don't care about their opinion. But I abhor people who are cruel to animals. Animals are intelligent and I believe they have feelings, and souls too. I actually prefer them over many human beings.

Currently, my family has around 20 rescued cats and 6 adopted dogs. Yes, I am from the Philippines and we treat them as family members. Those who eat them are usually drunkards or so poor they couldn't afford proper food.

This little kitty has no teeth yet but its eyes are opened. It was left in our garage after our older cat died maybe due to food poisoning because it likes to go out.

This is how I care for it:

First two days, it was an absolute angel-very quiet. But afterwards it was crying so loudly I could hardly sleep.

It was difficult to feed every 4 (every 2, if dehydrated) hours; it would move its head away so patience and a technique (timing like when it opens its mouth) is needed.

I squeeze in Bonna milk (if you have the budget, better to buy cat milk or lactose-free milk). In case of diarrhea, just let it drink clean water with dextrose powder or if not available, water plus a pinch each of sugar and salt.

You can use a feeding bottle, dropper, clean sponge, cotton, or 0.5 ml syringe without needle. Always clean this promptly after use to avoid food poisoning from spoiled milk.

Make sure its head is level- if it is upwards facing the sky, liquid might go to lungs or cause asphyxia (check if the milk just goes out of the nose).

I have a food box that had separations or compartments. So I put in clean water, water with milk, and some tissue and cotton with alcohol. I also have many rags.

It is very important to keep it warm so I turn on this bulb at night. Never leave them for hours or the whole day, it seems like they always want to be near their adoptive parent!

You also have to wipe its abdomen to its privates to stimulate poo and pee. Always clean up immediately after it poops/pees! Exposure to foul smell over long periods make them sick.

Make sure they get some sunlight everyday to make them healthy.

Avoid placing kitties in high places. They don't have developed reflexes yet. They might fall head first, causing them injuries which might result to fatality.

I think the best thing to do for an animal is to bring him/her to the vet for check up, if healthy or for treatment, if sick. They can advice you if the cat requires vitamins, or if need to be force fed to avoid malnutrition, or see if it can use its mouth muscles to swallow. There are some charitable ones and NGO's that charge low rates. (Forget the government, all they care about is stealing tax money. Pounds kill their trapped animals.) Or you could raise money for it. Really! What if your relative is sick? Instead of buying useless stuff, save your money.

I agree with other animal lovers that senseless breeding/puppy mills should be stopped, or at least monitored. So many animals are neglected and suffering- confined in tiny cages, forced to give birth numerous times, not given enough medical attention, and the list goes on... There are many dogs/cats in pounds and shelters asking for help. Adopt, don't shop, is the way to go.
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