Monday, September 23, 2013

BDJ Box x Shiseido Ibuki September 21 2013 beauty soiree at the Edsa Shang

Hola Chicas,
I wanted to share with you my experience on the abovementioned. I got an invite to this event by joining in on BDJ's Facebook page. This is for their new Ibuki line since the majority of their products are skin care. If the skin is clear, there is hardly any need for lots of makeup.
I was quite early at 1:30 pm. I wanted to listen but was quite shy because my slot is for later so I went to the grocery and bought some food and drinks. I get a headache when I'm dehydrated so I wanted to sip something while listening.
I went to sign in by showing a print out of their e-mail and signing beside my name on the list. They put 2 colorful ribbons on my wrist corresponding with the talk registered to.
Ms. Carmel Villongco was the speaker (she is funny and loves to crack jokes), DJ Tracy was the host and the makeup artist is Mr. Mitchell (hope I spelled correctly.)
I attended Polished and Pretty, and Holiday Glam
Who has a perfect complexion?
The reflect and fit powder may eliminate the need for separate concealers and color correctors
The sheer and perfect foundation is ideal for a busy person
Whoopsie, my stolen shot did not do her justice but just consider this a wacky pose. She looks better in person like Bea Alonzo (wink)
The favorite item of the training manager
Lipstick galore
Products used

I was happy to learn many things. There were 4 lootbags up for grabs, given to the lucky girls who will raise her hand first, and answer the question at the end of each module. Even if the answer was not correct, the host was considerate and showed the right answer to the recipient. I think it was also great for the girl who got to experience facial cleansing and makeover the Shiseido way. Unfortunately, I did not get a prize (sad face). But not to worry, we did not leave empty handed.
I got 2 certificates that were thoughtfully encased (you can reuse its laminated envelop), a free quick facial coupon, and samples-small tube Benefiance and 4 sachets Revital. I just included in the picture the e-mail sent to me that I printed.

Those who attended the workshop get a 20% discount on Shiseido products just for that day. Sheer and Perfect foundation sounds good to me. I am not good with putting concealer because instead of hiding the blemish, the red mark is still there and you can see the lighter "halo" around it which is the concealer. Hopefully because of its color noise canceling technology I won't need one. I perspire easily and when I pile layers of makeup it's heavy and sticky so it's lightness is good. Also, I believe you can splurge on a quality foundation cause it goes on your whole face and is the base for your other makeup.
I wanted to buy it but I have opened foundies at home. I think it is a waste if I own all and yet could not use it.  Time is ticking cause you have to throw it after a few months even if it was not finished. I will just wait for the 20% off coupon they will send.
 I did not go home immediately afterwards. I redeemed a sample that I signed for from another brand, and then my dinner was eat all you can cakes and coffee which made me all the more unable to sleep.

Great job and thanks, BDJ x Shiseido.

Also, thank you for reading!

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