Wednesday, September 18, 2013

devirginized at the goody event nails, that is. Sorry can't help it just to grab your attention. It was the first time in my 29 years of existence so it's a big deal for me that another person fixed my nails coz i always do it myself. I heard enough horror stories that I don't entrust them to anyone- like infection, bleeding, pus, etc. So when this opportunity came to have one free and I know the high standard of Beauty & Butter- having passed their branch in San Lazaro, I decided to give it a go. Glad that I did. My hands looked divine. The friendly attendant (called buttercup) was smiling at me so I was comfortable as she cut the sides of my nails, pushed my cuticles back, buffed, applied the nail varnish. My hands were sweating profusely the entire time. I chose a light violet Orly shade but sadly it was not yet fully dry when I dug at my bag so the day hasn't ended and my fresh polish was dented.

*There was a long queue for them even though the program ended already.

On to Goody #Comeplay September 14, 2013 at SM MOA Atrium. 
I got my invite and a Goody brush as part of the BDJ September Elite Girls' Night Out Box.
 *part of lootbag contents 2 goody elastics and Avent cup
Other options to have one is to get a complimentary invite thru promo, to buy Php 350 worth of Goody products from different SM malls or even if you just happen to pass by and wonder what the commotion is you can buy at the event, I saw they have many supplies there and loot bags in stock.
I was really happy to get the invite and looking forward to the event. Who am I kidding? I spent the whole day, and incurred transportation and dining out expense. I think the loot bag/freebies/giveaways was worth it. As I can Google and know almost anything under the sun, I had to stay and endure the talks for the whole afternoon because of the scattered raffles.
*Other inclusions in the lootbag- Chalk Nov '12 back issue, Goody transferable stickers, Avent/Aprica discount coupon, Beauty & Butter upgrade coupon, Goody bookmark cum 8 inch ruler guide, Sharpie pentel (LOVE IT), Vitress Hair Polish, a bit near-expiry Celeteque lip balm that I used immediately, Vitress Hair Cuticle coat, Nippon sponge and Ph Care fem wash sachet.

As you go from booth to booth you can score these-
From Wacoal Sorci age-Special price coupon, a photo shoot (I did not like that I was looking elsewhere here, I was looking at the cam and it flashed then I looked away it flashed again. I did not remember there was counting so unfortunately the second flash was IT, and strictly one picture only), Sorci folder with literature inside, Nippon cleansing sponge and checklist of their products, I think the flyer of Flipster was inside the loot bag but I included it here, Flipster keychain and cash voucher for participating in their origami game, Picture and discount coupon from Fujifilm Instax, Goody Ouchless which I got for registering to and watching the hair braiding talk, Fun Flash Cards from the Philips Avent/Aprika booth for liking or following their FB/Twitter and I took a catalog at the Philips booth while my hair was being permed.
*For my sweet tooth, I got to create my own Gonuts Donuts masterpiece (it's an abstract, ok) once, and for unlimited times you can  get a bit of donut and try their peanut butter crunchy/ creamy spread. There was also a chocolate dip not in the picture cause I devoured it before realizing I had to take its picture. 
Nippon Esthetic Solutions generously had brush cleaning services (5 pcs. maximum)

There  was a game and 4 Flipsters were up for grabs (my team didn't win coz can't find some missing letters) and there were many talks from bloggers, celebrities and sponsor's representatives.
Hosts need to be bubbly, witty and energetic to keep us awake.
Now to wrap it up, I think these are the good points.  As I went there alone, I had to mingle with other attendees and got their feedback so I made new friends. I learned many things like your bra fitting might not be the same even if it's the same brand but if the style is different then size could variate. It's great that the Goody Staff are friendly, and thank you Goody and sponsors for working up exciting freebies and services for us.
 So these are areas for improvement. These comments do not necessarily reflect mine-
A woman told me the lootbag wasn't complete as there were items missing from the one she saw in the FB page and it was not chock-full; she expected more items like in the other Mother's Day event she attended at another mall she went home with 3 lootbags.
One of the Philips hair staff was frowning and not as knowledgeable as the other in uniform.
There were poor ladies who lined up to get their manes curled/straightened but was cut off for break.

 I think the event program needs to be more streamlined, like when I asked when will be the raffle they weren't sure and I didn't get a direct to the point answer; no proper coordination . I thought there was one, but there was a raffle almost after every talk and not even once was I picked. My seatmate remarked "parang sila-sila lang nananalo" as she saw the girls at the booths being called.
One who was expecting beauty makeovers/make-up was also disappointed.
There was some boring intermissions that seemed like a million years and I can't go out coz I didn't want to miss anything so they should be like "alright 15 minute break or something!" I was there 10:30am to 6:30pm and many times I was sitting thinking what next?!! So I remembered my younger years as a bullied geek coz there were mostly young ladies. Many were ok but I saw a seemingly queen bee with her butt kissers who's mean with someone who was nice. Clue: Long queues bring out the nasty. 
Another boo-boo I took note of was it's either the hosts weren't given a spiel just adlib or they wasn't advised. Case in point- hosts said Nippon will be talking about beauty brushes and makeup stuff. Up the stage speaker went, to talk about their product which was of course tools and cleansers. And she went off the stage, but the host simply had to rub in her first intro about us learning more about different brushes that did not transpire. 

Over-all, judging on the jam-packed venue, and the smile on my face until the following day while looking at my manicure, it was a SUCCESS!

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