Wednesday, September 4, 2013

my 1 minute look

Hello, beautiful reader,

I want to share with you what I usually do when:
I'm too lazy/ feel sick nor not in the mood/ only have a minute to spare/ will sweat like a pig for the rest of the day so to put on heavy makeup that will make me shiny haggard will be pointless/ want to let my skin breathe/ has not so problematic skin for the meantime so I can bare it.

So here it is, my first FOTD please don't laugh

Now I feel awkward coz I don't really do selfies. I will call the first picture on the left wearing violet as A, and the second on the right wearing red as B. I think in A it's just after a bath and in B, it's afternoon and I am going out.

For A, I prep my face first- put on moisturizer which has sunscreen and will even out, mattify and brighten my skin but it has no serious concealing power. I used Garnier LightComplete (I think Pond's produces the same effect) but I actually prefer BB creams for its healthy ingredients and better coverage.
1. Powder my face (used Lancome poudre majeur)
2. Make my brows more defined (used Ever Bilena HD Eyebrow pencil in brown)
That's it! Later, I will just put on colored lippie while I am already riding  the vehicle on the way to my destination.

For B, I did not prep my face. I am in a hurry going somewhere really hot and steamy (oh yeah, as in the place is above a canteen with a big stove and cauldron and the heat and steam is just going to my place). If I sweat, i wouldn't top it with powder coz it will look cakey and will clog my pores resulting in more pimples. If I am using makeup it won't resist that much sweat and oil so I will look so shiny. So what I do is wash my face after sweating. I don't believe in the established belief that you should wash your face no more than twice a day so it will not be dry and make oil rebound to compensate the lack of moisture. After sweating I feel like washing with some soap or cleanser and if that's not available, plain water. And some of my classmates told me a long time ago, to always wash my face to dry out the acne.
1. Dab a pink creme blush on cheeks and lips and blend with fingertips (used TBS Lily Cole Dome)
2. Define eyebrows
And that's all there is to it.

I know in A and B I still look underdone, but I think that fixing eyebrows can help one look polished. I know it really takes many products to achieve a natural, bare faced  look.  I have many make-up but I don't really use them often.

I enjoy looking at 3 minute make up ladies do to make themselves more presentable. This is just my version of how I truly do it.

Thank you for bearing with me..


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