Wednesday, September 4, 2013

the Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Hair care kit

Howdy, beauties!
Today I will share with you my experience with the body shop rainforest moisture shampoo, conditioner and hair butter. It was in a nice box and came with a free comb that I love. I got this on sale at their Trinoma branch in Quezon City a few months ago but it was only recently that I really opened it because I got so many hair products. Most of my stock are samples or freebies in sachets, some I bought like 3 bottles at a time.

These are my conclusions since I'm nearly finished with it:

  • Affordable (coz it was on sale, price is Php 208.50)
  • Natural which is better for health!
  • No silicones, colorants or parabens
  • Moisturizing and makes hair soft
  • Very very nice fragrance of the shampoo makes me visualize flowers, freshness after a rain.. just lovely!
  • Conditioner and butter has sweet but subtle scent
  • Love the wide toothed green comb
  • Love that the contents are made in the UK, except the comb (China)
  • The first time I used the conditioner, WATER came out, as in clear liquid, so I shook it. What came out was like a spoiled soya milk. I never opened it before. The first time I used it was the first time I opened it.
  • I tried to contact their FB Phils page but had no response, and I don't have the receipt anymore.
  • Tendency to make hair a bit heavy
  •  Won't help with hair fall worries. It never claimed to do that on the first hand, but I used a good  hair fall rescue system before trying this. I've seen improvements with the product before this but after switching to this, the problem returned
  • No expiration date, only that it has to be finished within 12 months after it was first opened so to explain the foul looking conditioner with its bits that looked like (err, a bodily fluid?) maybe somebody smelled it way before I bought it
Here's the ingredients->

Will I buy it again? Maybe try another one of their variants and will be careful next time that it's still good.

As usual, thank you very much for reading.


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