Thursday, October 3, 2013

Choice tips I got from Paula

I learned many things during the event of Paula's Choice Philippines, to share:
  • #1 beauty secret- wear sunscreen. UVA kills skin cells so you need spf 30 or higher.
  • Beauty starts with good health. Could not agree more.
  • Stop vigorously scrubbing your face, it causes lines and wrinkles.
  • BHA is good for acne. It is from salicylic acid or aspirin. Start at 2% for it to be effective.
  • AHA is good for fairer complexion. Acid  from 3 fruits- malic/apple, tartaric/grapes, citric/lemon, plus lactic/milk, glycolic/sugar cane. Start at 5% for it to be effective.
  • Acne is caused by pores that are not clean and bacteria [and accumulation of dead skin cells.]
  • The correct exfoliant should match the skin ph, and even with everyday use, will not make the skin ultra sensitive or 'thinner', with veins showing underneath.
  • Physical sunscreens are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and leaves a white cast.
  • Chemical sunscreens are those that absorb UV rays and can enter the bloodstream  like oxybenzone.
  • Whatever is applied in the skin first is absorbed more. For example you spot treated your acne, afterwards put on moisturizer. Then the acne medicine is absorbed more.
Ms. Naree flanked by mi amiga, and yours truly

There, I can go on but you might get bored because these are the more 'technical' part. But I think these are the important trivia to know and for us to be more beauty-savvy.


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