Monday, October 28, 2013

Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Review

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When Garnier had just arrived here, I was one of the people excited to try it. Their first product I bought years ago were its blue Pure Active mask and its Yellow light mask... I think I got it from Watsons SM Quiapo.

Now, I was privileged to try out Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Energizing Facial Foam before this baby is launched in the Philippine market. (Post Note: It is now sold in leading stores- 50 ml for Php 89, 100ml for Php 159)

fruit energy facial foam


  • When I use it in the morning, the citrusy sweet scent is so- invigorating, energizing and awakening that one whiff and I snap out of my grogginess. But it's also suited in the evening before bed as I feel refreshed and cleansed but I still get to sleep immediately as well.
  • My top concerns are healing my oily, acne prone skin yet maintaining whiter complexion and it solves both- as it promises to fight acne and brighten skin.
  • My two brown spots (pimple scars) on the chin area had vanished to oblivion within few days of use.
  • During the first few weeks of using only this, I did not have any new pimples appear. Edit: As I was near emptying the tube, I had a HUGE zit smack the middle of my nose. Though I don't blame this for not preventing the occurence of the monster zit because I was always sleeping late.
  • No paraben or SLS.
  • Amazing for me, (but it depends on the individual if he or she will have any adverse reactions to it, or if it will suit them- in Tagalog, hiyangan)
made in Indonesia. please zoom for ingredients


Animal lovers like me are not happy to know that L'Oreal (owns Garnier) engages in animal testing.

Before I got this Fruit Energy wash, I am already using  their Light Scrub, then tried the foam variant when I ran out of it then switched to scrub again, the Light complete for AM, overnight peeling for PM and Pure Active roll-on for spot treatment. In an event I attended where they asked all participants what brand they use, I was proud to tell them I use Garnier! I also wanna try their face powder as my sister swears by it. To be honest, when I tried it years ago, I got pimples all over. I cannot be sure if this or something else caused it- or it was just a coincidence. When I subscribed to a BDJ box I got almost the complete Light line so I was anxious to use it again. This time, however, no more breakout!

my Garnier stuff- light cream for AM and PM part of my BDJ box; wash and roll on restocks I bought from the store

Garnier is a leading European brand that uses nature-based active ingredients- this in particular has Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Vitamin C and eucalyptus. I think their "take care" commercials are cute and memorable. What I love about Garnier is they're quite generous as a year ago, girls-me included- scored lots of samples while lining up to ride the LRT. Not only is it affordable, you can look out for sale on their products like me, I was able to buy 1 take 1/ or with additional-like facial wash tube came with freebie sachets; or their moisturizer comes with cleanser both full size.

Have you tried it and loved it as well?

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