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Paula's Choice Launch in the Philippines

It was a nice sunny Wednesday when Paula's Choice unveiled their skin care products to a select group of  Filipino bloggers. It was held October 2, 2013, 2pm-5pm at the 2/F The Den of the posh Marriott Hotel Manila (near NAIA 3). Before this I had no idea about the brand so I looked it up for a bit the night before. After the launch, I left  with so much knowledge and enthusiasm for the brand. Here are the reasons.

Testament to her products- in her picture in the banner, she doesn't look to be in her 60's

We were welcomed by no less than the Managing Director for South East Asia herself, Ms. Naree Mongkol. She is from Thailand, a courteous and accomodating lady. I find her looks very delicate and cute, and way younger that her real age. She shared she had never undergone any invasive procedure/surgery and uses only Paula's Choice products. To be able to look like in your early 30's when you are in your 40's is such a feat.
Ms. Naree was the gracious speaker, she has been in the skin care industry for 14 years
We can choose where to be seated among the 3 tables representing the 3 food menu- Cookies and Ice Cream/Chinese/Apples and Banana.
delicious marriott
so many food choices, but only these are what i partook-buchi, hamroll(?), jumbo size choc-chip cookie and crinkles, insanely delicious ice cream, milk then tea.. hey, sweets are my kryptonite i cannot lie!

SO who is Paula Begoun?
Paula Begoun, the Cosmetics Cop, is the author of over 30 books,  with over 2.5 million copies sold worldwide, such as Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me (said to be as thick as the yellow pages, reviewing almost all the cosmetics), and The Original Beauty Bible. Due to the demand and requests by the many people who believed in her, since she is very knowledgeable on the subject, she started her own line Paula's Choice, in 1995.

What touched me about her life-
She got terrible acne at 11, so she started to research on that subject and from then on, as they say, the rest is history. I got acne around 15 years of age, and I know it wasn't because I was dirty or lacking in hygiene. So I also got desperate; looked up and studied from many resources all about skin care.
Next- she got fired from her previous job because when customers asked her, instead of pushing their product, she can't help but tell the truth instead of lies, to the extent of advising them to buy another brand. For me, trust is very important. I place a great value on honesty. If you are reviewing/judging other company's products then the brand that carries your name should be really good. Your name and reputation is at stake, or else they could get back at you.

products bha resist exfoliate
some products on display at our table for our perusal. if ms. Naree can recommend only one product, it has to be the one on the left,  2% bha liquid for better, brighter, clearer skin
They showed actual product demonstrations. 2 apple slices cut since last night. Both were turning brown. After the Resist C15 super booster was applied to 1 slice, it got a bit brighter. And after few minutes, it was more obvious that it was lighter in color than the other untreated one that was continuously oxidizing. This product contains 15% Vitamin C, Vitamin E and ferulic acid, what you get is a potent anti-oxidant for firmer skin and reduced brown spots.

vitamin c treated apple demo
left treated apple is brighter. actual results more striking in personal than in picture
Next demo, few drops of sesame oil was placed at the back of the hands of a blogger who volunteered. Shine Stopper Instant Matte was applied to one hand, and just like a sponge it absorbed all those oil. The shine disappereared! This product is said to provide oil control up to 8 hours. Just put it in the T-zone, or anywhere prone to oiliness, after you shower, before you put in your powder.

What I love about their products,
  • Free from sulphates, fragrance, alcohol and colorants.
  • Since last year, all their new products contain no paraben.
  • Value for money- it can compare to or exceed the high end (those Php 5000+ luxury) brand's results but without the steep price tag. They do not hire actresses to be endorsers nor package it in a neat carton (but it is sealed, so don't worry). Word of mouth got it around as a testament to its efficacy. That way they pass on the savings to you and give you a superior formulation.
  • No animal testing.
  • Safe -most of their products can be used even for babies, and around the eye are. Took them almost a year to get FDA certified.
they gave me a full tube skin balancing moisturizer spf, sachets of shine stopper, 2% bha and resist pure radiance treatment to try. actual lootbag might vary per attendee

Good to know:
  • They are doing very good in Korea, with Php 700 million in annual sales. To be able to penetrate that market which has their own blockbuster brands currently hugely popular in many parts of the world, says a lot about how good Paula's Choice is.
  • AHA/BHA is their bestseller in 55 countries!
  • They have over 100 SKUs and more to come (watch out for their version of BB/CC cream-exciting!)
  • With Paula's Choice, you will never see anything in a jar. Her belief is that bacteria and oxygen easily enter the tub and spoil the actives that way.
the lovely bloggers with, (front row) PCP staff, (middle) Ms. Naree, to her right  is Mr. Gary- Paula's Choice Philippines key director

Based on the glowing testimonials, the presentation and demo, I think their product can really perform and deliver positive results. But don't take anybody's word for it, try it... might just be what your skin is looking for. It will soon be available at online shops,   Lazada and Zalora. Do check out  their FB page

Shout out to my very good and gorgeous friend, Rattus, for this opportunity and credits for some of the photos.

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