Saturday, October 19, 2013

what's in my kikay kit? -blogger rattus choki edition and e/s palettes

Hi there!
Today I want to feature a new friend of mine, Rattus Choki.
We bonded during Paula's Choice launching at Marriott hotel.  I raided his green bag. Here are the contents as kindly detailed by him.
Kokuryu Moist Lipstick - Royal Carrot
Nichido Matte Lipstick - Love Spell
San San Eyebrow Pencil #3 Dark Brown
Nichido Minerals Precise Eyeliner - Tiger Eye
Kleancolor Influencer Palette
Fashion 21 Eyebrow Powder Duo
ELF Studio Pressed Powder - Porcelain
ELF Healthy Glow Bronzer - Luminance
lol Cosmetics Face Powder #1 - Light
 lol Cosmetics Vertical Eyeshadow #3 - Ivy Missed You 
 various brushes like Marionnaud and Shawill,  
and FM fragrance

He just put in many cause of the event. But normally, he just brings 2 lipsticks, and a LOL and an ELF powder.

Earlier that day, he surprised me by his gesture. He was so nice to present me with this...

thanks sis rattus for this fashion 21 color set. it has a black pouch which is same with my lancome palette

I had always wanted a colorful rainbow set but I was reluctant to purchase. Well, I am not very adventurous with eyeshadows because I am not a master on it. Before, I ended up looking worse because of wrong application/wrong choice of colors (ie light blue on entire lids one time, and then silver the other time did not produce flattering results for me)... but I LOVE to look at all the beautiful colors. Really! I have few eyeshadow quads and eventhough I don't use them regularly, I got them because the different colors are eye candy! I will be using more of its "conservative" eyeshadows while I find the matte brown and white neat for contour and highlight.
eye shadow
pretty colors! available at the dept store for Php 375 only

that's the fab rattus. i already used f21 dark green as eyeliner and he put on me nose a wee bit of the brown for contour

His palette was perfectly just in time! A few weeks ago, I gave away this palette which I had for ages! I told my niece to use it for coloring the drawings on paper but it ended up promptly being thrown away by her guardian. Such a waste cause it feels good to color using this!

nichido blush and eyeshadow palette- I took a souvenir shot before discarding

I can't remember how much was its price when I bought it and its applicator (dual-end sponge and brush) was missing because I threw it away months ago. Now it's Php 100 with free mineral concealer pencil. I was not even close to hitting pan. But it's ok coz this is an item that I wouldn't mind if it gets broken or lost during traveling because its price is so cheap!

Don't you just love palettes? You get so many colors for the price you pay!

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