Sunday, November 24, 2013

help for b.o.!

Body odor or B.O., axillary osmidrosis, bromidrosis/ ozochrotia, accompanied by yellow stain in the underarms of a white top, putok, kili-kili power, baktol... However you may call it, it only boils down to one thing- foul, putrid smell emanating from the armpits that can extremely embarrass a person and affect one's social life. Isn't it annoying or dizzying to be beside someone with that condition? Or if you're that someone, wouldn't you feel really conscious (you know because it also reached your nostrils) and alone when people move away from you?

Do not be so depressed as many people have this condition that makes them smell bad to the nth level, explaining the myriad of goods used to treat it. But I know a few lucky folks that no matter how excessive the sweat or thick their hair are, their underarms just never smell offensive.

tools of the trade

Here are a few suggestions to help prevent it:

  • DO NOT wear hand me downs or pre-loved clothes. If another person with this condition already wore that garment many times and had perspired in it, you may contract the bacteria. (I haven't read a study about it, just my humble theory.)
  • Practice good hygiene.
And to help minimize the sweat/odor or treat it:
  • If you have the resources, go to a licensed doctor for choices such as botox, incision and other medical procedures.
  • For a non-invasive and more budget friendly way, use a deodorant and anti-perspirant TWICE a day. Applying before going to sleep is very important, as the body has more time to absorb the actives. 
  • There are many commercially available products to combat this condition. OTC products in the form of roll-on, cream, stick, spray, powder, etc. Try which works best for you. However, there have been the cancer scare nowadays, so you might wanna check out the ingredients list of the product. 
  • If the "aroma" is not so severe and you want something more natural, try baking soda, corn starch or tawas (potash alum). Or try letting your armpits soak in kalamansi or lemon juice for an hour before taking a bath.
  • Take a bath at least once a day. Twice is good, but if you are scared of getting anemic or pasma, just wash your armpits before reapplying  your preferred product at night time. Best to wash the armpits everytime you sweat before re-applying product.
  • Use anti-bacterial soap for the armpits.
  • Choose fabrics that are breathable (I really like cotton). I find it helps when loose around the armpits or sleeveless.
  • Watch what you eat! Try to limit garlic, onion, curry, spicy food.
  • Bring in your bag your preferred anti-stink agent for emergencies.
And there are my tips, dear friends. 

Hope you enjoyed reading. :)

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