Tuesday, November 12, 2013

me and mah husband's everyday astringent/toner

Hello, beautiful people of the world!

The super typhoon Yolanda had just ravaged parts of our country- the provinces- and I'm thankful that the city capital  where yours truly resides wasn't destroyed. Much prayer goes to the victims of this very tragic disaster. It was overwhelming that so many countries are extending their support to us during this time. We are grateful for lots of help.


On to my review today

Me and my husband generally have oily skin with occasional pimples. Yes we are old enough but those nasty zits love us so much they won't leave us alone. As we are nearing our 30's fine lines are also becoming a concern.

On my trip to the department store, I've seen this countless times. I always remember they were even offering free facials at the Ever Grand Central - love that mall but it had been burned down for more than a year now. 'Twas only recently that we decided to give this baby a try. We didn't have an inkling that it would be like a HG product for us. I think we are on our almost empty 3rd bottle now of KOKURYU ACNONE.



  • Facial lotion (like a toner) and acne fighter in one
  • It does not make the skin peel off (like large patches) 
  • Leaves cool sensation
  • Affordable facial care and makeup products- many folks rave about Summer Cake and that was used by the makeup artist in my graduation picture
  • It doesn't have a flowery smell- I can't put a finger but somehow it smells like chemical but in a good way, I actually like the scent
  • They don't have celebrity endorsers and for me, I think it helps keep price down so if a product is good, word of mouth will keep it by
  • Locally made but under license from Kokuryu JAPAN (in my book, Japan is synonymous with high quality)


  • Alcohol content may be too drying for some individuals
I don't use moisturizer after applying this to preserve the white medicine that is left on my skin. On days when I feel my skin is dry, I use a moisturizer and not this.

I bought it at the Landmark for 86 Philippine Pesos plus additional 10% off. It may leave a white powder which has a drying effect on pimples that is why I only use it at night. But you can remove it with another pad if you're using it during the morning. Anyways, it's recommended to be used after every facial cleansing. That white residue reminded me of the pink liquid solution with powder (you have to shake first before using) that my derma gave me a decade ago. I don't know if it's being sold outside the country. You may check out KOKURYU COSMETICS website and FB page for their other stuff.

Here is another good buy that me and the husband agreed we both like- RDL Babyface. RDL's a Davao-based company. I have tried the different variants of their products like astringents, soaps, lotions etc coz one can find these not only at the department store but in supermarkets too. I even joined their date with Coco Martin contest in Mercury Drug! I don't know who won there though. I think it is also being sold in other Asian countries.

Babyface also dries up pimples and has whitening effect. We bought  it in number 1 because we only have "mild" needs. When we bought it for just 52.75 Philippine Pesos in Watsons, it came with a freebie- sadly, the whitening cream tub was near expiry. But this astringent was from a new batch!

 That is it for now.
May the Almighty always keep us all safe.

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