Tuesday, November 19, 2013

the Blogapalooza 2013 Experience

Welcome to the #Blogapalooza 2013!!! Where the Bloggers gather to meet the Businesses! Thanks to WhenInManila.com and OurAwesomePlanet.com (Vince Golangco / Francis Simisim / Anton Diaz) for coming up with this event. It was super fun. The exhibitors were plenty nice and accommodating. I know there were other blogger events which coincided with this date- November 16, 2013 but I wouldn't wanna miss this.

mudel kuno-feeling like i hit the jackpot with glutamax , nice day coffee and meister watches

I wouldn't miss a photo op with the BNO DJs
me grinning like an idiot (why's my smile often lopsided) with cool dudes tonytoni and slick rick

Sir Vince introducing the next talk's speaker

There's something for everybody to make us all hep hep hooray!

free to tinker with Australian brand BYS makeup; free manicure by Lulu- sucks to be last in line; mine was half-done, went home with no polish on my thumbs (coz they need the UV light to 'cure' the gel). SMX Aura put off electricity in booths at the exact time the  rent for the place ended. My companion asked the guards but they said switch was off- no consideration!

coffee and cake by Figaro; blood analysis and Wheatgrass drink sampling

free taste- Gavino's donuts; yummy the berry company juice and eat natural bar

There are only two Gyminators in the Philippines- one is in a prestigious hospital, the other with NY theraspine in QC. I tried it out- it's like a vibrating work-out machine. I needed to squat properly but couldn't because I was getting conscious- TV5's cameraman won't quit filming me.

tnx for the capture sista rattus

Heehee! Sister rattus choki as Tom Crew, I as Chikoy beat you on all three levels of this highly physical but entertaining game! I badly NEED that chooks-to-go for dinner! And you were very ladylike!

kwelavan games from a chicken company made me sweat like a pig

Amazed at all the unli food set before us from Flavours of China, Congo Grille, Tempura Japanese Grill and Karate Kid

I also sampled Monterey meats and then later in the night  downed a can of Red Bull energy drink.
me enjoying the buffet and drinking coffee from Brownbag

I loved playing Area 51 at the arcade so now I am shooting ducks (only in this game, I will NEVER ever do it in real life, heck I wouldn't hurt a spider!) at LazerXtreme

Waaah :'( I did not win an uber-cute Line doll in their spin-a-wheel! I wanted one to add to my stuff toy collection...Consoling myself with a picture of the brown bear mascot

Stars for

  • A really fun event
  • Happy to be meeting the people behind the business and blogger-friends
  • No bazaar or tiangge atmosphere. Just pure getting to know the products/services. No merchant was hard selling, because it's awkward if they let you test and you didn't like it but they 'push' you to buy one
  • Free WIFI from PLDT MyDSL
  • For a good cause- Piggy Bank Movement encourages attendees to donate a small amount for Typhoon Yolanda Victims
  • Other nice stuff I may have forgotten at the moment
It would be better if the sound was lowered a bit because it was getting hard to hear what the people at the booth are talking about; they almost had to shout in your ear.

Project Awesome Flash mob

On to the goodies, in case you're wondering if we were handed a lootbag during registration, the answer is NO. You have to visit the booths and get your bag, shirt, and other items. Most of the time you need to register or drop your calling card and then play a game then win a prize. (Post Note: Just to clarify- I am in no way complaining. I was merely describing what transpired! It was a very fun and nice event and I was glad to be there. I want to be transparent because some bloggers were asking if we were just handed a lootbag filled with stuff)
I think this is the official Blogapalooza merchandise- Blogapalooza  ecobag (contains a flyer and CD) from Eagle's Wings Ent,; Blogapalooza T-shirt from View Park Hotel.

Nobody loves me better than YSA... True that!!! Reviews to follow...
GCs, discount coupons, flyer, big paper bag, GlutaMAX lightening soap, cream and deodorant

Why settle for your usual 3 in 1 when you can enjoy a 10 in 1 coffee with a load of health benefits!
Nice Day! Coffee, flyer and big paper bag 

Appliance, watch
Meister Watch calling card, brochure and sticker, Whirlpool/Fujidenzo calendar

Dining- I have eaten at all these establishments before- all I can say is more reasons to return! Just 2 days prior to this, I was at Karate Kid-enjoyed very much the mochi halo-halo I had for dessert!
Generous Flavours of China, Tempura Japanese Grill, Karate Kid and Congo Grille water jug, fan, notebook, keychain and flyers!
Educational- I was asked what the brain's occipital lobe makes sense of, luckily I answered correctly-sight- so I was able to pick a prize!
The Mind Museum at Taguig pamphlets, ecobag, notebook with pen

Take home food
Plato Wraps food and GC, Bounty Fresh chicken and flyer
Hotel (overnight is Php 3999 only and right across Picnic Grove!), Real Estate (if I heard the lady correctly, she said they have houses that can rise up/float during flood), Privilege Card worth thousands in savings!
View Park Hotel Tagaytay info sheets and ballpen, Zipmatch bag tag, enjoy the best trial privilege card, discount card and flyer 

Wines and spirits (with free delivery and gifts) and local Online Ad network
Gurkka.com flyer and optical mouse; Ambient digital flyer and notebook with pen; Red Bull fan keychain

Health, wellness and beauty

bys plastic bag, pamphlet and nail polish, ny theraspine flyers, calculator with pen and ballpen, Lulu discount coupon

Health, wellness and beauty
Nattural bag and calling card, Slenda sample; Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass sample, pin button and literature; White Space voucher from Megaworld
Food and fun
Chef's Noodle flyer and ballpen; photo of me courtesy of Chooks-to-Go; LazerXtreme flyer and GC

Food and drinks, toys, transpo, communications, printing, PR
Php 50 discount coupon from Grab Taxi; other flyers, calling cards and price list from Richprime, Eagle's Wings, PRC.Inc, Brownbag Coffee Solutions (they lend their coffee machine for free for a minimum to clients), Gavino's, Yummy Organics, Figaro, and PLDT MyDSL

Pretty long post, took me whole day! Thanks for reading and muchas gracias sponsors mentioned above including AFFI, Hungry Juan, M&L, Tino's Suits, Smart and Tropicana!
smx aura november 16

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