Friday, November 22, 2013

Wanna have Kutis Mayaman?

Who wouldn't want to have skin like it belongs to a rich person? I know I do! Even if a person is clothed in a burlap sack, but with fair, spotless, beautiful skin, he/she will still manage to look exquisite. That kind of skin is the best accessory (no need for concealer/jewelry) to make one stand out.

GlutaMAX skin care products

Enter GlutaMAX!!! GlutaMAX's Skin Lightening System is composed of oral and topicals. I went to YSA Skin and Body Experts and Watsons to get the products' price. Reduced Glutathione Capsule 500mg 10 caps- Php 750, Lightening Soap with Glutathione 135g- Php 175, Lightening Lotion with Glutathione and SPF 15 100ml- Php 235, Deodorant and Anti-persipirant with Glutathione 50ml- Php 172.50, and Lightening Cream with Glutathione SPF15 30g Php 279. If you have a Suki Card, you can buy at a discount the lotion- Php 223 and soap- Php 166 for this whole November 2013 in Mercury Drugstore.

I am very familiar with this brand having seen it in many stores. It was endorsed by actresses Jinky 'Bale' Oda and Gretchen 'La Greta' Barretto. Now I am happy to get to try their products- soap, anti-perspirant and deodorant, and face cream. I was also pleasantly surprised that they are also behind Ysa Botanica, the papaya soap I always used when I was in high school/college. Ms. Tiffany Tan of Marketing Department said that my fave soap is not available in supermarkets anymore, only exclusive in YSA branches. (Update: I saw YSA Botanica yesterday, 12/16/13 in leading stores with promo buy 2 get 1 free! GlutaMAX soap has the same offer!)

I know the importance of having light skin. Having a brief stint being a talent (extra, if you may) we were classified as being Class A/B/C. Those who have light, flawless skin almost always make it as Class A. I already shared before my skin-lightening tips here.

This is my initial assessment of the products. Please click the images to enlarge and check the ingredients.

GlutaMAX Soap-

  • A BIG bar of soap
  • Lathers well
  • My face looked much brighter after washing, but I believe this may be temporary and will return to original state later in the day due to exposure to the elements. So we need to use whitening products regularly and continuously.
  • Fragrance-wise, it's very subjective, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At first, right after I opened it and smelled directly while the bar is inside the carton, I thought it smelled like laundry detergent and then I realized it smells kinda like sampaguita (jasmine).(Update: I have finished the bar and I grew fond of the sophisticated scent. I felt it helped maintain and brighten my fair skin.)

GlutaMAX Face Cream-
Feedback as of 12/17/13: After weeks of using, but I have not finished the contents of the jar yet, I felt it can really brighten the skin. I use it at night and my face seemed to have a glow in the morning, with pinkish cheeks. This is not greasy/oily, so suitable before putting on makeup. Just a small amount will do, just massage and blend well. Personally, I did not have breakouts with this.

  • It would be better to see this in a tube and having a tamper proof seal.

GlutaMAX Deo- Feedback as of 12/17/13: this can give me protection I need, but I have to follow my usual routine of twice a day washing my armpits and applying this in the AM and PM. See my tips here.

Dark underarms are not my problem because luckily, they are whiter than my arms. My concerns are chicken skin and of course, I need a good deodorant and anti-persipirant as my underarms don't exactly smell like daisies after sweating.

There are the products that I am excited to be reviewing. These seem to be effective products because it is dermatologist formulated. I just hope that the price can be more pocket-friendly. 

GlutaMAX Note: With continued use, GlutaMAX makes skin evenly lighter, while restoring skin's youthful vibrancy. For best results, use all GlutaMAX products.
For info and promos you may check out their website:

Have you tried their products? Please do share your experience or comment below :)

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