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BDJ x MAX FACTOR Soiree: Xclusive & Xtravagant!

Lady Luck was smiling at me as I was counted among the handful of girls chosen to attend BDJ Box's ultra-exclusive last soiree for the year 2013, with Max Factor. I joined their online contest and the whole week I was anticipating it. Maybe all the positive thinking moved the powers that be and I was chosen. For sure, I will be sad if I didn't make it because, I am very excited for this. Max Factor Pan Stik was the very first makeup I ever used during my teens.
bdj max factor soiree

It was held December 14, 3 to 6 pm. The venue was at posh Rustan's Makati in the Max Factor booth at the department store. Just for this day, they offered a special discount for the attendees- 20% off! Even Creme Puff was included, which does not normally go on sale.

bdj max factor soiree

Registration starts 2:30 pm. They said they will be having an early bird reward. This was something I could control so I really made effort to leave the house early. I was thinking is the prize a makeover from the expert himself?

Mr. Bobby Carlos, the National Makeup Artist of Max Factor, also studied makeup in France and Singapore (can I say wow!) He will show us how to achieve the look he calls the Parisian. Because 'tis the festive season, the focal point is the eyes (smoky) and the skin is very matte...
He was cracking jokes because he is avoiding dead silence, making the demo a pleasant learning experience. We were always laughing.

bobby carlos rustan's makati

Some of the tips he generously shared:

  • Apply makeup, even if you are testing in counters, in a clean face. You cannot choose the proper exact shade same as your natural complexion  if there is dirt, oil and makeup changing the color on your face.
  • For the base, he used Face Finity (Php 925) because he swears by it. It doesn't change color to lighter or darker. Suitable for acidic individuals. Can also be used as a concealer because it's buildable, just pat more layers.
  • Difference between loose, pressed and compact POWDER. The first two was easy because of the form. But for pressed and compact, I thought  it's a difficult question because they are the same form. He said pressed is used to set makeup, while compact is what you bring for travel, and it is to color correct your foundation. Now, I'm not so sure though, it's how I understood it. But Creme Puff is both pressed and compact.
  • Sometimes a person can wet the eyeshadow and turn this into eyeliner. Don't use it to draw in the waterline (pinkish part just above the lower eyelashes.) Powder is still powder and some particles may fall apart and cause irritation in the eye.
  • Blush SHOULD be in the fleshy part (apples) of the cheek seen when you smile- same color as your natural flush when exercising/pinched. Contouring is a different story. But you can apply blush in an "8" form, going up towards the temples.
  • Full lips should apply gloss only smack in the middle of their upper and lower lips only, not all over.
  • I know this already and I agree, use makeup to accentuate, not camouflage your beauty. The goal should be, "You look beautiful" not "Your makeup looks beautiful."
  • His strategy in making  lusher lashes with a curl that stays- use the eyelash curler at 3 points for few seconds (base, mid, near tips) then hold wand vertically and build up a base just near the roots, let it dry a bit then apply mascara as you normally do.
  •  A "teacher" can teach his/her student all the techniques but the result will differ in the application.
  • There are no definitive rules when it comes to makeup. As long as you are comfortable. You can be your own makeup artist!

The model's eyebrows was already done so I can't give you tips on how he makes his fabulous "kilay"... or did I momentarily zone out and missed it? Sorry I don't know...

bobby carlos max factor

He said he is time constrained so the demo was only on half of model's face. I thought it was time for us to bid adieu. Boy, was I wrong! The generous sponsors treated us to extravagant snacks upstairs at luxurious EAST Creative Asian Cuisine.

I missed my amigas Rattus and Ana,

but I met new friends.

I like this green dress,from Arrow

My prize for early bird is the Xperience foundation!
max factor xperience foundation

In case you are wondering, it is Php 995 with 30% discount if you buy at SM Makati's sale. It is sealed when you buy it.

 We took home this nice gold Gwyneth Paltrow pouch while others received the black zippered version. Like it? You can get yours for free when you buy worth Php 2500 of products inclusive of Creme Puff in the new gold packaging. They have a more bongga kit with travel sized makeup when you buy worth Php 3500. Sure are lucky the recipients!

Be sure to check the part 2 of this post because my day didn't end here. More fun, and sale alert click this.
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