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Be Captivated with Circus Vargas: MagiKaria!

As I was watching, ooh-ing and aah-ing to the performances of the world-class acrobats, contortionists, jugglers, daredevils, illusionists, Master Gaucho and clowns of Circus Vargas, I realized one thing- my eyes were glued to the stage! I didn't want to blink and miss one second of it. That was how fully charged the show was.
kenya brothers
Crazy limbo rock under burning pole

I learned that what I attended yesterday, December 23, 2013 7 P.M. - 9 P.M. at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia, was a free Benefit Gala and Premiere Night. They were very kind to bring joy to underprivileged Filipino children.
jon weiss circus vargas
Jon Weiss' superhuman balancing on his nose and chin (!)

That's me with him, he said he will transform me into Angelina Jolie (I wish!) Hehe joke only
jon weiss

Circus Vargas' finest performers include*- 

  • Ted McRae-(from Atlanta, Georgia - USA) Circus Vargas is excited to have famed singing Ringmaster Ted McRae singing original scores composed exclusively for this fantastical, magical production. The incredibly talented Ted McRae uses his distinguished and melodious voice to guide the audience through their Magikaria experience.
  • Fausto Scorpions - the only Filipino circus group to join the Circus Vargas. They are a family of acrobatic foot-jugglers created by Manila-born Abelardo “Toto” Fausto, consisting of Toto, his wife Ember and Toto’s younger brother. Latest additions are their daughters Stephanie and Sherry. They performed all-over Europe and appeared on different TV shows, including the 13th Festival International du Cirque de Monte Carlo in 1988. This was followed of a circus stint in the famous Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus. This family of acrobats has already mastered balance, spin and propel into the air.
  • Kenya Brothers- namely Marumbi, Hamisi, Paris and Shee, have ventured in dangerous acts for the last 15 years. These African daredevils have mastered the mixture of tumbling and authentic African dance with the incorporation of music, strength and skill that are oftentimes risky.
  • Jon Weiss – the host of Circus Vargas to do interactive pre-show and will do his balancing antics.
  • Lleremi Garcia- to astonish the audience by her juggling acts.
  • The Espana- daredevils to perform the death-defying, aerial net and tourbillon.
  • Matti Esqueda- the consummate comedian who incorporates clowning, acting, mime and improvisation of comedic repertoire. He is considered as the oil that keeps the show running smoothly, providing comic relief.
More than skill/talent. Gotta respect their hardwork, focus and discipline.

  • Hayley Kent- renowned American hand balancer.
  • Elena- hula hoop master.
  • Patrick Gable- member of the acclaimed Marinelli family. A magician and a daredevil performing dangerous acts. ( Note: I was thrilled to see his tricks which I only saw on TV before)

the girls were shrieking in delight seeing the cute, muscular, strong Patrick doing stunts
  • Hilario Cabral- Argentinian martial arts and sword master, to do the Master Gaucho.*
hilario master gaucho

Background of Circus Vargas*-
Through the years, Circus Vargas’ commitment to entertain audiences worldwide has made their performances tough acts to follow.  With his vision to make Circus Vargas synonymous to family entertainment, the late Clifford Vargas who made a name in the circus world, fulfilled his childhood dream and founded the group in 1969.
Clifford Vargas, founder of Circus Vargas, accomplished his dreams by making his cirque one of “America's Favorite Big Top Circus” with the mission to bring back the glamour, thrills and excitement of the authentic old-time circus.
With Mr. Vargas’s untimely death in 1989, Mr. Vargas’ long-time allies, Roland Kaiser and Joseph Muscarello, took up the cudgels of continuing his legacy.  The duo combined talents, took over the reins of the circus and took it to greater heights.  Together, they successfully continued Mr. Vargas’ legacy until their retirement in 2003.
magikaria cap

But the art of giving entertainment to loyal patrons did not end with the retirement of Kaiser and Muscarello.  The legacy continued as members of the renowned “Flying Tabares” namely Nelson and Katya Quiroga-Tabares from Argentina took over in 2005 and founded their production company Tabares Entertainment, Inc. bringing along Circus Vargas.  The Flying Tabares of Nelson and Alberto was awarded the “Golden Clown” statuette in 2004 at the prestigious Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo.
Nelson, Katya and brother, Alberto were discovered by the late Clifford Vargas when they performed their breathtaking trapeze act in Argentina in the 1980’s. The memories and legacies of Clifford Vargas lived on through the duo since they assumed leadership of the production.*
** excerpt from their press release

matti the clown
lotsa audience participation

Oh, Matti, you brought the house down with your hilarious antics!

They were all super nice and friendly- all positive vibes. I hope I didn't miss any of them in my pictures:

circus vargas

circus vargas manila

Trivia: Circus Vargas is seen in 20th Century Fox motion picture "Water for Elephants" starring (your favorite vampire?) Robert Pattinson.

Show schedule and ticket price:

circus vargas manila ticket price

Twas super-duper fun, breath-taking, spectacular! Children are encouraged to attend; they are VIP here, and have special perks. The whole family will really enjoy this treat!  ;)

For event inquiries, check out their FB Page
call Tropical Productions at 5198984 
or e-mail emailinfo@tpiguam.com

Special thanks to PRC Inc. I met them thru Blogapalooza.

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