Sunday, December 1, 2013

First Ever Haul Post!

Hey guys, :)

This is the first time I post about something I bought and I have no bragging rights ok. If you would like to take a peek into the stuff I got at a discount/ on sale, you would realize that I may not always be practical, but I think I'm a thrifty person. I'm slowly fighting my side that 'likes to buy something I want just because it's gorgeous but doesn't fit', or 'I don't need it but it's on 70% off too good to turn down'.. I'm just sharing with you that these stores are on sale.

The prices are quoted in Philippine Pesos. About Php 43 is to 1 US Dollar.

After the forum I attended, you can read about it here, I wanted to make a little window shopping in Robinsons Galleria then head to the grocery and buy 3 things ONLY- cheese spread, honey and chips. I ended up buying stuff that I wasn't planning to buy.

First up, my favorite of the lot! When we came inside, there were other customers. But on the third dress I was fitting, I was surprised that the music was turned off and lights dimmed... The store was already closing and we were the last customers!

Love the dress! From 1699 down to 850. Amazing how it made me look sosyal, elegant and dignified. Beautiful dresses make me more confident and I feel that I am treated better by other people, or maybe it's just my imagination. I was glad that they give a free Our Daily Bread with purchase. They also have another promo/raffle but the worth of my purchase was not enough to join in.

I bought these at Beauty Bar. ModelCo is an Australian brand but this gel eyeliner is made in Taiwan. Originally 1100, now only 150!!!> I don't need this yet as I still have unopened eyeliners but can't resist!
This Styli-Style Trendy is a dual sharpener, for big and medium pencils. There is a 'Germany' embossed in the bottom. Before 215, now just 75.25.

Saizen by Daiso Japan's items are usually 88 or 66 but look at how low the prices of these are! Clockwise from right (with price and country made in)= Preventive Sheet for Glass (Korea)- 44, Titanium Necklace (Korea)- 25, LCD Protective Film (Japan)- 10, Ellefar Eyebrow Pencil (China)- 25, Bottle Opener (Japan)- 25 (which I thought was 10 because it was on the 10 basket, maybe somebody misplaced it there,) and Toilet Paper Holder (China)- 25.

Here in Robinsons Supermarket, among the other items you see here (and some you don't see coz we ate it already on the way home,) Darigold Milk is on buy 1 take 1 for 119 and so is The Laughing Cow Belcube Cheese for 101.95!

Last and the least, and let me say I am way beyond -hah! don't wanna say bad things!- Suffice to say, I was not pleased.
Whooo, at first I thought it was the real deal, with the big poster of the girls. I was already out of the store when I realized (and because I was not watching the show,) hey! it's supposed to be 'Sex AND the City' not 'Sex IN the City'!!!

I bought this coz I feel I had to buy something coz it took me a long time inside as I was looking for something I like. And the original price of 1650, now bargain price of 500 was too good to pass up. This was from Planet Perfume, where I saw some high end brands and some fakes. But many items look like old and expired and disarrayed. Perhaps the girls need to arrange more and chat less. Their prices may not be the lowest which I totally understand because they need to pay a high rent inside the mall.

Look at the cockroach droppings! Actually before paying for it, as the saleslady placed it in the counter from their stockroom, 2 tiny insects scurried out of the box. Disgusting! I looked in the carton- where in the world this was made, what company and when is the expiration- nobody knows! I Googled it and found out it was counterfeit and probably made in China.

Well, that's it for now.
Thanks for dropping by! (No pun intended)

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