Saturday, December 7, 2013

Kick back relax have a karate kid

Gusto ko malaki! (I want jumbo!) that's the slogan for Karate Kid fast food's pork chop which,  of course, I had tried already and definitely liked.

karate kid fastfood chop

When I first heard of Karate Kid many years ago, I wanted to dine in there ASAP. My love for anime and  Japanese food was the rationale. After trying it, I brought my family to sample their cuisine and we agreed that it is a place worth coming back to.

When I attended the Blogapalooza 2013, I saw that Karate Kid, along with sister companies Flavours of China, Tempura Japanese Grill and Congo Grille, (all by Cafe France Corp., ) generously sponsored the food of the guests!
Now I had been to these dining establishments mentioned before, but my favorite is Karate Kid (or is it a tie with Flavours of China because of the yummy unlimited Yang Chow rice?)
Here I will make a review or observations of my most recent visit, and it's in the SM Monumento Caloocan branch last December 5, 2013.

The Seafood Teppan has vegetables, squid, fish, shrimps. Just the sauce by itself is enough to whet your appetite and have numerous rice refills. My companion, who we shall call Mr. Unli Rice was happy that the refill rice was delicious and does not taste like NFA. Result: He downed his usual 7 cups despite his resolution to not eat much at night.

I ordered my favorite sweet- mochi halo halo. It has generous toppings of red/green/yellow mochi balls, mung bean, black gulaman and sago, nata de coco, leche flan, and you can choose the flavor of the ice cream scoop- vanilla/chocolate/strawberry/mango.

Budget friendly! Our main dish set us back Php 296 only and it is already good for sharing and with unlimited rice and kido punch for 2; while the special halo halo costs Php 65.

Pop and Japanese songs were played and the volume is just right. There are other establishments with too loud volume that make me feel agitated.

Courteous and polite- the right way businesses SHOULD be treating customers! Staff was diligent in offering the juice and rice refills, we didn't need to wait for an eternity to be given the extra servings.

I was surprised during my visit that evening when I did not smell any funky malodour from the toilet which I usually encounter in many establishments. What greeted me was the nice scent of air freshener. It was also clean and there was tissue paper. The handwash area was outside, there's also liquid soap provided. Maybe it's really good (that way always) or it was extra special that moment coz I read 'audit day!' on their cleaning list on the wall. Great job on this - clean, fragrant CR, basic tissue and soap supplied. I hope they maintain their good hygiene standards!

I like that they give free WI-FI access to guests. (cause we need to put a picture of that cute sushi or whatever on IG/FB agad-agad #foodporn :)! I tried to connect using the password they gave me. Unfortunately, I couldn't! I tried a few times and asked if it might have been changed because I couldn't connect. I asked again and said they had restart/reset/refresh (forgot the exact term) which  resulted in their Wi-fi not being accessed by my phone at all! It just disappeared from my phone's list of available connections no matter how many times I scanned. (Similar thing happened to me before at a milk tea house in QC. I asked for the password, he said it's in the bottom of the receipt. Tried it a few times, won't work. Thought my phone had a problem. Showed it to him and he said oh it's not updated and wrote the new password. Just a minor inconvenience.)

All in all, I highly recommend Karate Kid fast food! Your tummy and your wallet will leave happy!

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