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Mandom Bifesta Review

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mandom bifesta

This is my review of Mandom's Bifesta BRIGHT UP Cleansing Lotion! I bought it at Watsons 300 ml, Php 419. I am comparing it with Dove Foaming Makeup Remover which works like a facial cleanser.

dove makeup remover

For Dove Foaming Makeup Remover, price is Php 359 and I distinctly remember it was at 50% off when I bought it in SM North Edsa. It's made in Thailand.
Both has its advantage and disadvantage.

Bifesta Pros:

  • Save on water, and other skin care product consumption if you use it as 1 step
  • 1 step easy and convenient
  • Has skin care properties depending on the variant- Bright up (saxifrage extract, lactic acid, hyaluronic acid), Moist, Sebum, Age care
  • Feels refreshing, not oily
Bifesta Cons:
  • You will spend on the cotton or pads that you use, especially when you use thick makeup, you will use many pieces, I use cotton buds on remaining gunk on the eyes

  • I can't comment if I saw real brightening results as I am never, never too lazy to wash my face with cleanser at night then tone and moisturize, meaning I cannot use EXCLUSIVELY this. BEAUTY is a discipline!!! Also, I already have very fair skin so I can't say if it can turn any lighter
Dove Pros:
  • Easy- Use on dry hands and face like a liquid cleanser, rinse, then follow with your usual soap/cleanser
  • I don't need to use cotton/swab to remove my makeup- save money on that
Dove Cons:
  • In comparison with Bifesta's supposed 1 step- DONE, with Dove there is water consumption
  • This is just a makeup remover, you have to follow with your usual skin care routine
  • Even after washing my face, sometime's I see stubborn eyeliner, mascara smudges so I use a cotton bud with makeup remover for that
  • Organic-conscious folks might be off seeing "paraben"
It's up the consumer to decide which among the two they perfer!!! As for me, both are ok  :) 

bifesta bright up

I recommend to use square flat cotton

1 pump of Bifesta on 1 piece cotton pad removed the eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and eyebrow pencil, on the right side. One time when I was using it, a little amount went into my eye but it did not sting- just a lil discomfort- so it's gentle.

I have these FREE Bifesta Cleansing Express Cloths during the BDJ event!!! I love these cause it's so convenient when I travel! There's generous amount of essence inside and the sheet is fully soaked. (The Lucido-L not a freebie, I bought it. I just included it here, although it's also in their booth and they gave free styling/giveaways)


I love that Mandom is made in Japan, meaning good quality!
I also used to have the Gatsby oil control paper..

Here are my other Mandom stuff!...

The Gatsby shaving foam can be bought with free small tube of facial foam. Forgot the cost (maybe around Php 150) but it's mid-priced, meaning I was comparing it with other brands, one was cheaper, the other more expensive! I love that it has a citrusy scent and leaves a cool feeling.

The Lucido-L on the other hand, was availed in Watsons for Php 295 with 50% off, so it's just Php 147.50, plus choose if you want a free comb or notebook with pen, PLUS get a FREE hairstyling! You can have your hair straightened or curled!!! Whoa! Can you beat that?! This was for light and bouncy waves type as I had a digital perm many months ago and the ringlets/curls are almost gone. It's not oily/greasy so I don't expect and use it to bring megawatt shine on my hair. It's supposed to bring health to the hair with its CMC like ingredients and hyaluronic acid. I normally use two squirts; sure love the fragrance and its lightness!

gatsby shaving foam

Check out reviews of other variants of Bifesta-

Rattus for Age Care
Maggie for Moist

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