Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Proud to be a Nerd!

Yep, it's out now. I'm a nerd, geek, wallflower, described as an introvert, and unpopular.

But I don't mind, as I am happy with my life, my simple joys, my family, animals, reading books, watching TV, eating chocolates all I want, and other stuff. I never really had a social life, only recently.
When I was studying, it was always school-home, home-school. I was blessed to achieve good grades and become a scholar.

I don't go to discos/bars and I don't know how to dance for sure.
 In other words, I'm a homebody, but not necessarily a goody-two-shoes.
Though I was always bullied, I'd never start a fight. I'd sometimes cry when I was a kid.
It will take a lot to make me cry now as I don't shed tears easily, if any, I get infuriated. And I will never forget that person, he/she is on my BANNED list.

Can you feel me? ANYONE? NO ONE?

I wrote this cause I got inspired. I saw a T-shirt with the words "GEEK CHIC". Then when I was watching a noontime show, there was a contestant wearing big "eyeglasses". The host asked him why he is wearing those frames but WITHOUT lenses and he said, "because nerds are the in-thing nowadays," Or something to that effect. SO the host quipped, "You don't look cute, you look stupid!!!"

A lot of people asked me if my eyeglasses are graded or just for show. Huh! I would never wear this if only I could, because it's much of an inconvenience and hassle! I started wearing eyeglasses then contact lens when I was around 15/16. Back then, they were more pricey. Now, I see so many affordable brands. Here are the ones I'm currently sporting, so yeah, this is my "fashion" post.

Forgive me, so many selfie shots below! But I rarely take selfies so excuse these... I'm with Rilakumma by the way.

near-sighted me, shot on location near the window hehe
My favorite green Disney's Mickey Mouse eyeglasses, bought in IDEAL VISION for about Php 2, 500.
mickey mouse eyeglass

My most recently bought eyeglass from EO EXECUTIVE OPTICAL (Herme Studio, I think this is FREE with coated lens purchase of estimate Php 750) because the Disney eyeglass above has some scratch/dent which looks like the dog bit it.

eo optical

Eyeglass also from EO, Viseo brand, (I think this is FREE when you buy the ordinary lens, about Php 250). My husband said it gave me the most flattering look
eo optical

At first, I was glad to find the saleslady put it inside a POLO SPORT casing. The day after, the inner lining separated from the covering! :(
polo sport
Why give me this?!
eo eyewear
After a year of using, this is what happened to the 2 cheap priced eyeglasses bought from EO- the silver one had rust on some areas while for the red one- the plastic became wrinkly in the middle where I touch to push it up.  Before, I bought from Quiapo original HangTen frames, after 2 years, there were parts where color chipped and the silver beneath showed through because I cleaned it with alcohol.

DKNY shades, given by my uncle. I only wear this once in a blue moon, As it is, I already can't see properly, what more if my vision is darkened! But, I have 2 more sunglasses I bought but don't wear. (?!)


The optometrist said, why do you have 3 eyeglasses at the same time? I think I was getting a headache with my red glasses. The grades of my two eyes are different, one 2.5 the other 2.25. One side has astigmatism.
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