Monday, December 16, 2013

Richenna Bubble Color Review

Hi lovelies!
This is my second time using this product. The first time was less than a year ago.

richenna korea
colorant, developer, empty bottle where you combine the 2; conditioner, cape, gloves, instruction leaflet

Richenna Bubble Color is manufactured by Sewha P&C.
Its features are

  • Permanent hair color in bubble type
  • High concentration of Lavender, Sage extract and Amino Acid
  • No PPD

This is easy to apply- just like when shampooing, massage the foam into your hair. After putting it on the hand and applying it onto the hair, my nostrils were bombarded with a somewhat light chemical scent that went away after a while. After a few minutes some parts of my scalp stung a little, but it's tolerable.
The best part was the conditioner. It made my hair so soft, smooth and tangle-free like never before.

richenna bubble color 2

It was on sale from Php 350+ to Php 309. I was happy that it came with a free nail polish also made in Korea. Super love the color of Estilo Season 2 in VP04 Cherry Blossom. It dries easily and just one coat is enough to see its beautiful bright shimmery color. But if you apply just one coat it will chip away like what happened when I did the laundry.
estilo nail polish

Before, my hair was black (because it's been many months since I last colored it.) but you can see it as medium brown when light hits it. Actually, I was born with brownish hair but it got darker as I got older. After using this 11L Light blonde shade,  it turned to medium brown, and light brown when light hits the strands. But it still looks black from afar.
hair color result
with flash

I think black hair won't turn into yellow with just one use, it needs repeated bleaching. But I don't mind that this wasn't as light as I expected because I tried blonde hair (if I remember correctly, I used the very cheap Php 10 hair color that you can buy from the sidewalk. I won't use it again because it's scary!) many years ago and I don't think it looks flattering on me.
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