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Sale Alert! December 14 with Swarovski Aura

Here's where the rest of the night took me... Part 2 of my happy escapades after BDJ x Max Factor and snacks at East. Check it out click this
I was not really planning to go shopping. Maybe look to see if some basic grocery and necessities were on sale. We wanted to go home immediately but the night had other plans for us. We rode the MRT from Ayala, and overcrowded is a mild way to describe it. Even my hair got sort of yanked with the onslaught of citizens going inside. When I looked behind me it was the loony girl. This nasty b#atch was making snide remarks that me and my companion had cut into the queue. The truth is, they were in the wrong lane. We stood in the arrow pointing to the train for those going to board and they stood at the arrow pointing away for the alighting passengers. It's not our fault she's such a nincompoop!

Here are some on sale stuff I bought

Rustan's Makati Supermarket- I recommend to bring a big eco-bag or pay Php 15 for their bag. They can wrap it in a brown bag but it's obviously not sturdy. My canned good fell to the floor, then of course the paper was in pieces because of the moist ice cream. So we got a plastic bag.

Magnolia Ice Cream Php 120. Bought it 6pm and arrived home at past midnight- 1 am. Surely it has melted.
I like the biscuits and chocolates of the Casino brand. Made in France, 50% off now Php 58.50

Wallaby Organic Greek Yogurt- I think it's 50% off, now down to Php 134. I ate it while waiting for the Soiree. Sour taste partnered with sweet cherry-yum!

Landmark Trinoma Supermarket/ Department Store- I'm glad that you can bring your used plastic bag and they will give you a coupon for their new plastic bag. Otherwise, prepare Php 2.

Wendy's has a buy 1 take 1 on their Biggie Fries (Php 76) and Drinks (Php 65). They had a Wi-Fi and it appeared on my cellphone but they said it's down so I couldn't connect.

Nut'si Cheez Curls. Product of USA. 4 months before expiry is a pretty decent time because you can consume it long before time's up. As a matter of fact, we finished up 1 can while I am typing this. Buy 1 take 1 at Php 84.70.

L'Oreal Hair Fall Repair offers their Stunning Hair Kit: Free Blow Dryer for Php 514.
Now, I don't blow dry my hair because I don't have the time and patience, and also for fear of damage, so I won't be using this Hair Dryer. I have tried the free sachet they gave out before. I debated inside (because I still have shampoo/conditioner stocks, see here, also Lucido-L and L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil) but bought it anyways because it can be used in shrinking the plastic seals on the cap for the water refilling station. Shampoo and conditioner made in Indonesia, tonic and appliance manufactured in China. (Update: Saw in Kenko and CD-R-King, the exact (if I'm not mistaken) hair dryer but labeled Stark; sold for Php 99.)

free blowdryer

This I feel very guilty. I have lots of perfumes already, full sized, in miniature bottles and in vials- Ralph Lauren, Paris Hilton Heiress, Armani Code and more. (I was influenced by my dad who always has perfume, often bought in Duty Free.) Me and my husband were supposed to buy a perfume for my himself. He insisted that he won't buy one for himself unless I also get one for me. Okay so that's the deal. After a long while, much contemplating, many fragrances bombarding us I think I've lost my sense of smell, haggling with the salesmen, etc etc we ended up buying a perfume JUST FOR ME.

My criteria (in order of importance) for buying perfume that in no way would I recommend for you to make this your criteria-

  • Is the freebie nice?
  • Is the bottle cute but sophisticated?
  • Do I like the fragrance? (I don't appreciate citrusy; but berry is okay)
  • Will it not break the bank?

I love the smell of Carolina Herrera and I'm absolutely cray-cray for  Charriol Imperial Saphir. It was so hard to decide. Dilemma!

I looked to my right and was intrigued by the elegant pink poster with a beautiful woman. I went to that counter. I laid my eyes on it  and fell in love. Shiny silver pendant studded with sparkly real Swarovski crystals necklace with silver shimmering glitter lip balm inside. Limited edition (I don't wanna regret not buying it when it's gone) and worth Php 3900, free with any Swarovski fragrance. I love gold, precious stones, jewelry, pearls are ok, but I like colorful gems more. Swarovski, next best thing to diamonds. SOLD!!! The bag on the other counter doesn't look that durable anyway.

Swarovski Miss Aura pink (Php 2,800) has a young, sweet, lovely scent and a really nice bottle but it's just EDT.
Swarovski Aura 50 ml, regular price at Php 3,250 both the scent and bottle is more sophisticated and mature but it is Parfum. I smell like a rich lady.
Perfume oils are longer lasting... Fragrance-wise, and by the looks of the bottle, I prefer the former over the latter mentioned... But I settled with the Aura! Got additional free Azzaro Chrome All Over Shampoo.

Sexyqueen approves

perfume freebies

Hard to take a portrait of the cat! Me and Sexyqueen hates fake fragrances and will never buy one! There is just this one time but I was led to believe it's genuine, the store is in a reputable mall after all. I honestly didn't know it's imitation! Check out

swarovski aura

Can't open it yet, it's supposed to be my Christmas gift Ho  Ho Ho :D

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