Monday, December 9, 2013

The best wines and spirits deals in town!

Thank goodness for the Holidays! It's the only time of the year when I get drunk!
But I don't just drink any beer, I go for wine! I prefer the sophisticated fruity taste of wine, and how I feel much more bolder after many glasses. (But not to the point of losing control of myself. Drink responsibly!)
I love that it also has many proven health benefits, including-

  • promoting longevity
  • lowering the risk for heart attack/disease, diabetes, stroke, colon cancer, cataracts, brain decline
  • Anti-oxidants to keep one healthy, youthful and beautiful

During my visit at Blogapalooza 2013, I came across the Gurkka booth. is an affiliate of Global Noble International Corporation (GNIC). GNIC has been in the business of consumer-goods distribution since Year 2003.
I usually buy wines from supermarkets so this is a new (but winning) concept for me. They boast of a vast selection of quality alcopops, brandy, liqueur/mixers, rum, tequila, vodka, whisky, wines, imported beers. Brands include BenMore, Molly's, Terra Noble, Casa Noble, Hennessy, XXX Siglo Trienta, Oldenburg, Hudson's Peak...

I feel shopping at Gurkka for wines and spirits for yourself, or for corporations' giveaways is very advantageous and convenient. Imagine, they offer:

  • Free delivery!* Save time, effort and travel expense.
  • Wines and spirits are given as Freebies with purchase!
  • Reward points to win gadgets/appliances every time you buy!
  • Free delivery (oh wait, I said that before just wanna stress it. Carrying bottles of wine from the grocery is heavy!) 
*minimum of Php 1,000, within NCR

I was at the supermarket yesterday and it was a mad house out there. So if you wanna avoid the Holiday rush (and maybe a couple of snatchers/hold-uppers who are very "alive" during the season), buying online is the way to go!

For other info, you may get in touch with  them in their Facebook page at
Register at their website

Trivia about the name: - came from the word Gurkha/Gorkha which refers to military units in the British or the Indian Army enlisted in Nepal. Gurkhas are considered to be naturally aggressive in battle and possess qualities of courage, loyalty, self-sufficiency, resilience, trustworthiness and reliability, that’s why they are highly depended on to protect. is also committed to be trustworthy and reliable in delivering authentic and genuine products.

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