Thursday, January 16, 2014

AVON Skin Goodness BB Cream Review

I got the Skin Goodness Moisturizing BB Cream as part of my Avon x Glamourbox subscription box for only Php 595 around July/August last year . For that price, I got more than Php 2000 worth of products heehee and I adore that their boxes look really presentable and  sturdy ;)

When you buy it from your Avon lady, it costs Php 399.

Available in 2 shades: Light and Nude.

Made here in the Philippines.

skin goodness bb cream

  • At last a BB cream that's not oily/shiny!!!
  • The skin nourishing benefits of a BB cream.
  • Its light fragrance reminds me of cucumber.
  • Decent, medium coverage (needed concealer for the really dark spots.)
  • I appreciate that it's in a small tube (at 18g) as I don't finish all the contents of a big tube. I discard or give away foundies/creams after few months even when there is still half contents remaining.
  • Did not cause me any major breakout.
avon glamourbox philippines

  • The second time I used it, clear liquid like water came out followed by the brown cream itself. I was bothered by this separation because it is relatively newly manufactured when I had it, (but I was keeping it in my cabinet for about 2 months prior to first opening it since I still got other products that I should use first.) So I contacted them and found out that it is normal and I have to shake it before using.
  • Contains Paraben, but I suppose it is a necessary evil as I don't want to smear spoiled cream on my face.
  • The shade I received was Nude, which is about 3 shades DARKER than my very fair facial skin color.
pisceanrat blog
massage well and it will blend seamlessly with your skin

I am a late bloomer when it comes to makeup as I am afraid it further aggravates my already problematic skin. As an adult, the first makeup I used was the mineral powder then switched to Korean (tried about 6 brands) BB creams.

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