Monday, January 13, 2014

Consumer Rights in the Philippines

Consumers have rights, but often, we don't complain. We may be unaware or we don't want the hassle ARGUING with an uninformed cashier.

Like when I buy in some stores, they don't give the change (few centavos missing.) Sometimes I note the price in the display, but upon checkout/paying it surprises me to see that the price became higher saying they had a mark up but the listed price in the shelf was not updated- so then they have me pay the higher price.

A real incident/experience happened last year when I bought half dozen apples from the supermarket that I shall call "ET-EM". There was a certain price in the shelf but upon paying I found out that I was charged HIGHER because of updated pricing or mark up. While last month (December), when I bought a sparkling wine, the price upon checkout in the cashier is LOWER than in the price tag of the bottle. The cashier was confused; good thing her superior was beside her and instructed her to charge me the lower price. Good job on this, Landmark!

You know what, stores should always give us our change even if it means they'll be giving more than our supposed change when they don't have the exact coins. They should give us whichever is the LOWER price when the shelf and the system price is different! From what I learned in my law subject in college, it's their obligation. And the law mandates so! Just that customers like me don't like to make a fuss.

It will help to remember the 8 basic consumer rights.

  1.  The Right to Basic Needs
  2. The Right to Safety
  3. The Right to Information
  4. The Right to Choose
  5. The Right to Representation
  6. The Right to Redress
  7. The Right to Consumer Education
  8. The Right to a Healthy Environment

If you want to go into detail, check out RA 7394 THE CONSUMER ACT OF THE PHILIPPINES in DTI's site.

I'm sure you have experiences on being "shortchanged", feel free to share in the comment section!

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