Monday, February 3, 2014

Angelica's Catering Good Food and Dependable Service

Angelica's Catering graciously summoned my amiga to sample the food and view the amenities they offer. He invited me and another friend but we three bloggers arrived at their showroom past the time they were expecting us due to some unforeseen circumstance, yet they warmly  welcomed us.

angelica's catering

We were ushered in our seats and encouraged (Nagkakahiyaan pa? Who's the first to stand? hehe) to approach the buffet table to eat. Ms. Joan Hubilla, Sales and Marketing Officer, played an audio-visual presentation. She provided  info about them and answered some questions.

top food blogger
Rattus, Ms. Joan, Therese, yours truly, and Vic
We look so glammed up thanks to BYS. Click this for the details.

I am no stranger to the fabulous set up by caterers so I asked myself what would make them different?

caterer quezon city

The answer, and the most important part when you are having guests, is the FOOD. The food they serve is truly delicious and there's so many choices. There was one outstanding and personal favorite among those I tasted. I was not able to ask what it is because I took just a little of each dish. Maybe it was pork asado or pork hamonado? Just the sauce being so flavorful can be ulam (viand) already and the meat lean and tender.


Angelica's Catering started in 2006 and they can serve nationwide, they say. I think the biggest number of guests they served in 1 occasion so far, is 2000 people. CAAP is one of their regular customers. Their cook who had been with them for several years has some serious food magic skills.

filipino food

The nature of my work in the past requires me to sponsor doctor's meetings. One of them requested a famous high end restaurant in the North that I would not say its name. I kid you not, upon tasting their food I almost fainted. My colleagues looked at each other. Few days later, the doctor could not hold it anymore and complained to me. It was so embarrassing. It was the baddest tasting food I've tried, badder than my bad cooking. Their dish was so salty that you'd think we'd been sabotaged, the only saving grace was the dessert. So little food at such high a price and we were unsatisfied so I told myself, NEVER AGAIN.

Enough about that. I just want to say that you can save yourself from a caterer dilemma and try the food served in Angelica's Catering.


For weddings, debuts, price starts at Php 400, minimum 100 persons.
For baptismal and other special occasions, price starts at Php 250, minimum 50 persons.

You can check out my friends' feature on Angelica's Catering here:
Contact them via
FB: Angelica's Catering
Showroom: 74-D Del Monte Avenue, Barangay Maharlika, Quezon City
Phone: 4124569/ 09328873946

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