Monday, February 17, 2014

How to Wear Contact Lens

I have been wearing contact lens since around 15 years old, so that's more than a decade already. Back then, they were much more expensive. About Php 1,500 per pair. Now there are cheaper brands priced at Php 250 per pair.

  • Change you look instantly- fashionable!
  • More convenient than eyeglasses.

  • You know the scary stories of those who got an eye infection or conjunctivitis.
  • If you hadn't chosen the right color that would look flattering on you, might seem too "trying hard."
Poking this small round plastic in your eyes might sound scary at first, but then you'll get used to it. 
INSERT- Widen eyes with thumb on bottom and pointer finger on the lids. With the pointer finger of your other hand gently place the lens.> Before wearing the contact lens that was soaked and stored in its case overnight, I rinse it 3 times with the solution then pour some comfort drops.

REMOVE- Widen eyes with thumb on bottom and pointer finger on the lids. With the thumb and pointer finger of your other hand, gently grip the lens.> As I am removing the contact lens that I wore for a day, I moisten my eyes first with lubricant. Make sure my hands are washed clean. Then moisten my palm and the fingers that would be taking off the lens with the all-in-one solution. I wet it, rub it, rinse it twice.

I am always asked if these are for vanity or if graded. My number 1 favorite lens color is gray, violet is second.

Tips for caring for your eyes and contact lens, based on my experience:
  • NEVER EVER sleep with contact lens on.
  • If you suffer from "dry eyes", I would not advice you to wear contact lens.
  • Always have a small bottle of lubricant with you when your eyes feel dry. In my work before, I was annoyed when the other contact lens wearers would borrow mine. Wasn't just a disturbance. C'mon man, we're both working, can't afford a Php 79 (less than 2 US Dollars) comfort drops?
  • Have a travel kit or storage case filled with solution with you even if you plan to go out for just a few hours. You never know when an emergency will arise which would prevent you from going home for the night. Or if you go to a bar, and it severely dries up and irritates your eyes, you might want to remove the contact lens.
  • Fill the hollow of the lens case up to the brim. If not enough solution was put, there is a tendency that the lens may move, and it might stick to the side and dry up, especially when not used for a few days.
  • Rinse with solution the storage case before and after using. Best to air dry.
  • Favor a disposable lens 3 or 6 month over an extended wear. The longer you use it, the more protein (and bacteria?) it could accumulate, not to mention the little wear and tear on its surface.
  • Favor a "breathable" lens if you can afford it cause yes, it's more expensive, but better for the eye health.
  • In between contact lens wearing, I let my eyes rest for a few months. Say, I wear contacts for January to March then eyeglass again for April to July, then contacts again for August to October, you know the drill.
  • Sometimes, I get tired of this stuff. I want to undergo LASIK. But  not everyone is qualified. Besides, it's expensive and operations always scare the crap outta me.
  • I am not a licensed contact lens professional, these are just my tips, so best to consult your optometrist, ophthalmologist, eye doctor.
Before purchasing, I canvass to find out which brand is affordable like these products I bought from EO. In Manila, I sometimes buy from Quiapo because it's known to sell optical stuff at lower prices. 

lens care solution
Flex Wear solution from EO that comes with a lens case is only Php 140 for the 360 ml, while LensCare by Medgen solution in Mercury Drug is cheaper at Php 95 for the 360 ml. However, it does not come with a lens case. 

Yes some sizes (too big) and shapes (too concave) may just not be right for you. Ask the store if they can replace it, especially if they don't allow you to have a trial or test it out first.

Once, I had both a bad batch of contact lens and also a malfunctioning solution where the tip has no hole. Double whammy I tell you. My eyes hurt when I wear the LEFT contact lens and I can't properly squeeze out the solution. I can't poke the tip with a scissor for risk of contamination. Returned it to the store.

These are my eyeglasses post- :)
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