Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Nail Polish Collection

These are the nail polish/varnish/enamel/lacquer or cutix (how some Filipinos like to call it) that I currently have. I am aware it may be too few, or a lot, depending on who's looking at it.

In my mind, I have a ceiling or limit as to how many I should have, as I don't want to be a hoarder. Also, if I notice that I have these items for a year or more, I will dispose of it. You won't see my nails painted every single day. Most of the time, my nails are free from anything, so it can "breathe" from the chemicals.

My collection:

philippine nail polish brands
taken with flash

Bottom left to right:

  • BYS Nail Art (fine, thin brush) in metallic purple; Php 249; made in China
  • Revlon Nail Art Neon in Hot Flash; made in USA; around Php 200- I think this is a fun concept coz back in school, I used to paint my nails using correction fluid then apply fluorescent marker
  • Revlon in Pink Glow; made in USA
Top left to right; all are made in the Philippines, except some:
  • Caronia Nail Hardener
  • Caronia Fast Dry Top Coat; Php 34.75
  • Elianto Base Coat (that I had for years, mostly used to protect and kinda seal metallic pieces and writings;) made in Korea; about Php 70
  • Caronia in Blueberry; maybe Php 35
  • Caronia in Sweet Surprise
  • Estilo in Cherry Blossom; freebie with purchase of hair color; made in Korea
  • Skin Food; I can't see what this Nail Vita is called, but it's orange with gold shimmers; about Php 100; made in Korea
  • OMG in Vixen; Php 18.75
  • OMG in Disco Ball; Php 18.75
  • Bobbie in Vamp; Php 35
That was fun, now I'm thinking I want to add something baby pink, black or emerald green, hehehe. Also invest in some high end brand perhaps.
Have a nail polish in common or suggestion? Do comment below!

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