Thursday, February 20, 2014

Validosa Salon Organique Morocco Argan Oil

Hello! This was my first time to visit this neighborhood salon, Validosa, here in Caloocan. I have been to different salons/parlors before. I frequently go to affordable parlors, but I have also tried the high-end salons. I like to try a lot and explore!

When I went inside, I was greeted by what I shall call their "one-man welcoming commitee" because that guy is courteous- welcoming me and thanking me as I was leaving. I asked for their gold hairspa and a haircut.


He went with me to the shampoo booth and suggested me to try their Moroccan Argan Treatment for my hair saying it's better for my hair and scalp. Due to his persistence, and the fact that he was caring (he ever so gently wiped the water that splashed onto my face and chided the shampoo girl to be more careful,) I agreed to try this Organique Morocco Argan Oil by Cynos. In fairness to the shampoo girl, she did not handle my hair roughly; she was not cold and made small talk.

organique morocco argan oil

My hairstylist applied and massaged the entire contents of the blue sachet and left it on my hair for a few minutes. I checked my Facebook and borrowed their magazine to pass the time. Then it was rinsing time! He hand-combed then paddle brushed my hair while using blow dryer. Afterwards, he cut my hair.

philippine salon

The result-
Soft, shiny, smooth hair that smells to me like milk and honey. It was tangle free as the hairstylist was combing it through. My thick hair looks as if it was rebonded!

I paid Php 350 for this treatment with free hair cut.

validosa salon
I wasn't able to take good shots inside because I don't know if they will allow me.
Yep my bare faced look but I have shiny hair that feels light :)

Why I would be happy to return to Validosa-
Aside from the courtesy, I am happy to report that my hairstylist did not "traumatize" me. Having been to different parlors/salons my hair is oftem sinasabunutan or yanked and pulled roughly when they comb it through (even in a reputable salon that I will call as Goliath Marilao branch was no exception, my head even got bumped with the steamer by its hairstylist as she was clumsily passing through.) Here in Validosa, while their haistylist was applying the treatment with a sort of little comb, he did not force the comb to run through my disarrayed hair (because I rode a regular bus going here and the wind was messing my hair around.) Also during the brushing and blow drying, he was very gentle!

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