Monday, February 10, 2014

YSA...Nobody loves me better

I was able to try YSA's Diamond Peel for FREE thanks to Ms. Tiffany who gave a GC during an event in November. I visited their Victory Mall branch.

ysa skin

victory mall

Here are the steps:
  • I was instructed to wash my face with their Liquid Papaya Soap.
  • Whitening and rejuvenating mask is applied and wiped off after a few minutes after it has dried.
  • Diamond peel proper. It is the simultaneous exfoliation using the diamond tipped wand and suction of the debris. It feels relaxing and not painful for me. For the uninitiated, think like your skin is being polished with a really fine and small sandpaper.
  • Facial massage.
diamond peel

I was surprised to find all the dirt, dead skin cells because I used makeup remover the night before and I did not use any cosmetic that day.

ysa clinic

What makes YSA Diamond Peel a cut above the rest is that their machine can effectively get rid of all the dead skin cells. Regular price of the treatment is Php 1000.

beauty blogger philippines
They have 3 cozy rooms in this branch.

philippines fashion blogger

Having a Facial PRIOR and then the Diamond Peel afterwards so the face will be very clean and the blackheads removed.
Use gentle soap, and always apply sunblock to protect as newer skin is in the surface after this treatment.

diamond peel review price
The result is rosy cheeks, smooth glowing skin and as if we applied face powder.

In store promos:
ysa promo

The staff was friendly. My attendant Jen is sweet and informs me when she is about to do something and checks on me during the peeling proper. For my questions, I asked their supervisor, Ms. Myleen.
I was surprised when they said that they are not using powder, especially Ms. Jen who has white, really clear skin. I guess YSA takes real good care of them.

ysa victory mall

They recommended these skin care products to my husband. We bought these for Php 761.

nazal md

  • White bar of YSA Botanica VCO soap for sensitive skin, Php 57
  • Nazal MD Acne Lotion Strong Face/Body, Php 260
  • Nazal MD Erythromycin Lotion for Face/Body- be careful when applying, strong stuff that made me cough cause I applied too much on my entire face, Php 220
  • Nazal MD Sunblock Gel Face- unscented, feels light and non-sticky. I like how it gives a not oily, but soft look on the skin and is a perfect makeup base, Php 224

ysa botanica

Here are the services at YSA Skin and Body Experts founded by Dermatologist Dra. Isabel Lopez  Nazal, MD.

ysa skin and body

Here are their branches:


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