Saturday, March 8, 2014

Arrow Shirts and lesson learned

I used to buy really el-cheapo clothes, even those in ukay ukay. I wasn't very particular in what I wear. I simply don't pay much attention to it- happy to blend in the background was I.

That was before. When I go to malls and establishments, I realized the attendants tend to entertain better those who are well-dressed.

arrow dress
dresses, estimate Php 1000 each

I noticed Arrow boutiques before but I had this thinking that it is expensive (knowing Divisoria's Php 75 shirts, why would I waste my hard-earned money on a Php 2000 one?) and that it was leaning more on formal, office wear which I wouldn't be using as I don't have work.

arrow philippines
extreme L- hubby's Giffini Php 1999.75, and extreme right hubby's Arrow Php 1250

When we looked at their clothes on display inside the department store (not the boutique) I instantly loved the quality and design of their quality apparel! It commands distinction, respect and looks sophisticated. The next weeks saw me buying dresses, a bag. I adore the style and colors.

arrow shirts
love the feel of the FABRIC. L, Php 1250, R Php 1499.75

Couple of months ago, I visited Arrow (USA,1851) boutique in SM.

arrow bag
Never mind that this bag is heavy, even when empty! It's my favorite because it's huge, spacious, sturdy, about Php 1500. The only thing I didn't like was that it has no Arrow logo outside.

Update: After about 8 months of use, I noticed that one of the bag handles and some corners at the bottom had peeled off. Goodbye, beloved bag. We've been together every time I go out and you've been very helpful.

arrow usa bags

I found out that to have their give-away calendar, Php 3,000 worth of purchase of regular priced items is required. Or at least 1 regular-priced item, the rest can be those on sale. Their policies are strict, said the saleslady. I bought some shirts and two underwears and upon checkout was shocked to see that it was not marked down!

Desktop calendar with coupons of discounts/freebie for qualified purchase

 It was so hard to find the right size (L) so those we got didn't bear the yellow marked down sticker. I thought it was like in other stores, that all those of the same item bears the same price. That the saleslady just hadn't put in the stickers but when they will scan it upon checkout, the new lower price will prevail.

We pleaded to have it replaced and waited almost an eternity to have the transaction voided. Good thing, their senior clerk was accommodating.

clothes Thailand
garments made in Thailand, briefs- Php 250

But what ticks me, is the saleslady assiting us knew that what we intended to buy were those on sale so she could advise us that what we took was regular priced. Also, because we could not understand the code, we asked her for a Large size. She too, seems to be confused. She also mistakenly gave us a medium, thinking the L was the size, but it's just part of the barcode. See below:

arrow briefs
I drew a circle where the L in barcode was mistaken for size Large

On to the lesson learned:
  • Pay attention while the items are being scanned and look at the screen. In this case, I can't see their computer so I can't check while the said saleslady was punching the items. 
  • Make a mental estimate about how much the total will be.
  • Confirm if indeed the items are on sale especially if without mark down stickers or verify before checkout.
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