Friday, March 7, 2014

Being a femme fatale

Would you be a damsel in distress or a heroine? Of course I'd choose to be the latter any given day. Heck yeah I'm tired of being pushed around, it's time to fight back. That's what I'm thinking when I signed up for the Brave Women's Self Defense and Real Life Combat Training.

I don't want to miss such a great opportunity and they were very nice to allow me to bring 2 companions. Read about the announcement HERE.

Thanks to sis Greyzie Santos for the group shot :)

It was held February 22, 2014, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Location is the neat Studio M (for Mr. Johnny Manahan), where celebrities also practice, in V.G. Miranda Building, 9699 Pililla St., Bgy. Valenzuela, 1208 Makati City.

studio m

Directions from LRT Pedro Gil:

Walk to the side of PCU going staight til Ministop and you will find a terminal with jeepneys going to Makati.
Ask the driver to drop you in Makti City Hall. Fare is Php 11.
You can walk from there, but in my case, I rode a sidecar and paid Php 20.

I would advise you to wear comfortable clothes, loose shirts, jogging pants and rubber shoes. I don't have a rubber shoes that time because I gave away my only one. So I wore my heeled boots adding to my superhero training vibe that day.

We registered upon arrival.

brave ph

Cleo assisting as we arrive.

self defense

The training is based in kali and you don't need any background for this particular training as they teach you starting with the basics. The instructor is SSgt. Mary Joy Castillo and assisting her is Sgt. Rudy Oliverio. Ssgt. Castillo may look like a frail lady, but don't mess with her, she can whoop ye A-- big time!!!

Among the Brave Women's Defense Principles is you must use what you have- such as your fingers, knees, elbows, and always aim for the enemy's weak spots (lethal targets).

combat training

She ran thru the syllabus, and we introduced ourselves; share why we are there.

Stretching was one of my favorite (also because it was the easy part) as I can feel each muscle tense and my bones pop. I really haven't exercised in such a looong time!

With the training fee of Php 2500 (which could go lower if you avail of their promos) they already provide FREE snacks, lunch and certificate.

The kikay and friendly Kat preparing the delicious spaghetti, pizza, pichi-pichi.. Yum...

pizza hut

Some of the hand-made tools we used in the application techniques.


I learned many things that I cannot write it all here. It is best to really attend and in that way you can remember what you experience. More importantly, it was super fun and you can gain new friends!

lifestyle blogger philippines

They were very patient with an exceptionally slow learner such as myself, extending one on one supervision as needed.

brave self defense philippines

But, you can also avail an EXCLUSIVE training in the comfort of your own home for as low as Php 5000.

learn combat skills

Of course, I'm still hoping that I never get to really put this in action. To prevent being mugged, always be vigilant and aware of your surroundings, and carry a whistle, it sounds louder than the  average yelp, and PRAY a lot.

ssgt. mary joy castillo
 Thank you to the people who brought this Brave Self Defense System, I'm now CERTIFIED!!!

BRAVE ph Self Defense is practical and very useful for protecting ourselves.

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