Sunday, March 30, 2014

Caritas Segunda Mana

I have bought a few times at the Caritas Segunda Mana Store and had decided to write about it. I have first visited their store about 4 years ago- in Victory Mall (Caloocan,) Immaculate Conception Cathedral Tayuman (but I think they only ran there for a few weeks and is closed now,) and in San Roque Parish Caloocan (where these pictures are taken.)

caritas segunda mana

Some of the items I have bought- a dozen small soaps (Dangdut) for Php 10, Pencil Case that had a Php 100 sticker but is now only Php 35, dozen greeting cards for about Php 20, some clothes are I think at Php 20, Cora Jacobs bag for maybe Php 150 if I remember correctly, and other products. They also have shoes and gowns for only Php 300. If you are here in the country, I invite you to see it for yourself. They have so many merchandise there!

san roque parish caloocan

They accept donations from everyone. Many of their offerings are brand new (old stock and non-moving inventories from companies) while some are second hand (pre-loved items that can be from regular folks.)

It is good to get your stuff here because not only are the commodities cheap, you are also helping the Church.

caritas segunda mana victory mall

If you wish to donate, you can do so in their designated drop off stations at most churches. I saw one in Sto. Nino Church Tondo. For bargain hunters, their items are always on sale! :)

For more information, you may visit their website
or call 562-0020 to 25, 564-0205.
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