Sunday, March 16, 2014

Shiseido Workshop with Miss Isibashi Momoko

Last March 7, I had an appointment in Makati. I dropped by the Shiseido boutique in Greenbelt 5 to participate in their workshop since it was near.

shiseido skin care

I thought this was a group session. Fortunately, the person who had an appointment during this time had cancelled and I was able to take her slot instead.

shiseido philippines
They have clients undergoing skin analysis/facials.

Ms. Isibashi Momoko taught me one-on-one how to massage my face. It is the Slim Trim Defined Beauty Lift up method. I find her very nice and polite.

shiseido benefiance

These are the 4 products used. She advised that we use generous amount of rich cream and add as needed so the face and hands would be slippery/lubricated.

I really need this since I have chubby cheeks. Also, I'm not exactly so young anymore, and I worry about sagging.

I didn't take a picture while I was doing it because my face looks so funny with my hands strongly lifting my face then- like in a wacky shot.

shiseido workshop greenbelt
with the friendly staff
Thank you so much Ms. Momo for the knowledge. I took home this guide and had been doing it almost everyday. She instructed to do it once a day or even twice a day for better results.

 I am excited to be using this with my Ibuki moisturizer that I got from BDJ

shiseido ibuki

Check out below the workshop schedule with Shiseido Japanese Beauty Consultant Ms. Isibashi Momoko:

isibashi momoko

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