Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Summer- The DUMOND Way

I love Brazil! It is a tropical paradise like the Philippines. I have many Brazilian friends in Instagram and Facebook. I am also in the fans club of the  popular Brazilian models in a noontime program.

I am very excited about the many interesting products from Brazil that are imported here in the country.

One of the Brazilian pride is Dumond. They offer the best shoes, bags and accessories such as belts and clutches.

For this Collection Summer 2014, Fernando de Noronha is the inspiration for Dumond.

What to love about Dumond:
  • Brazilian way
  • Premium quality
  • Beauty
  • Style
About my look:

  • No makeup because it will just melt. I only put my statement red lipstick to liven up my face.
  • Cropped or tank tops- so airy!
  • Bags that are ideally waterproof so I can bring it to the beach or swimming pool like that. This fashionable bag is from Dumond's latest collection.
  • Shorts to help cool and show off my smooth legs
  • Quality and striking sandals- I prefer neutral colors to lengthen my gams, and wedge type since I am petite and they feel more comfortable for my feet as compared with stilettos.
This very nice sandal is from Dumond- DU 4108323 NATURAL, SRP Php 5,625, Made in Brazil. This is from the SS 2014 Collection. I think the embellishment makes the design sophisticated and audacious!

I can wear this to the mall for casual strolling and even by the beach. In all honesty, my favorite footwear are sandals! So easy to wear and take off!


I do not adhere to any rules when it comes to my personal style. I like to wear what I am at ease with and what I think to be is aesthetically appealing.

My summer style- I love that in this season, I am so laid back and I can wear bright and different colors. But too much sweating is not fun for me, so I wear loose and small clothes during this time.

My favorite season of the year is definitely summer. I love soaking up the sun because I feel energized after. No summer of mine is ever complete without a trip to the beach.

So come and celebrate summer in style #THEDUMONDWAY

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