Monday, March 17, 2014

The Linksys Grand Relaunch

March 12, 2014, Wednesday, Linksys announced that it has re-entered the Philippine market.

Belkin has acquired Linksys from Cisco. Here in the country, International Micro Village Inc. is its Authorized Distributor/Partner.

international micro village

The event was held in Conti's Greenbelt and was well-attended.


The latest Linksys networking products:
  • Desktop switches
  • Rackmount switches
  • VPN Routers
  • Network cameras
  • Access Points
all purpose-built to help keep remote workforces and SMB offices  CONNECTED, PRODUCTIVE and SECURE.

Some of the slides they presented:


vpn router

The Open VPN support is FREE and ENABLED, eliminating complexity in setting up VPN.

open vpn

Why Linksys?
  • The BEST networking products with numerous advantageous features over competition
  • Legendary performance and reliability (among the Top 10 brands)
  • Award-winning  24/7 customer service
  • The Smart Wi-Fi home automation- exclusive to Linksys- can keep your dwelling safe and secure
  • Heaven-sent even for the average small business owners who are not tech wiz, as they only need to remember the USERNAME and PASSWORD

Some quick facts:
  • Cisco head office in Singapore
  • Belkin based in Singapore and Hong Kong
  • Linksys Global HQ in Calfornia
  • Linksys is designed in US and their software team is based in Seattle 

As I have seen the blurry CCTV footage of criminals, it is good to know Linksys cameras boast of:
  • high quality
  • clarity as I have personally witnessed
  • different models to fit your needs including water- and vandal-proof

 With bloggers from, speakers from Belkin Linksys, Mr. Jaimohan Thampi (Head of Networking BU) and Mr. Salvador Calma (Technical Product Manager):

salvador calma jaimohan thampi

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