Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Comparing Notes: BPI and BDO

I decided to write about my experience because I wasted more than an hour in the bank earlier just to make a deposit (not counting almost another hour just to get cash from this branch's sole ATM. Total of almost 2 hours). I still can't get over it even after eating halo-halo so I put this in writing.

Service- The people in BPI are, generally speaking, more courteous and polite.
Why I have come to this- They have branches in Tondo where the 2 banks are almost neighbors. In BPI, the staff never fail to give welcome and thank you greetings. Especially their manager, she is very friendly and accommodating.

While in BDO, I can see their staff are gossiping and one made derogatory remarks about a female client who had just left because her child was hyperactive.

When I deposited earlier in BDO, I saw there was a monitor just above the teller showing lines like smile and conversation nurture relationship. The funny thing is, the teller is frowning and did not say good afternoon or thank you. Only the guard gave greetings. Of course, I understand they are tired, but being a client for such a long time, I would expect better service from them.

One time, when we were encashing a check, they made a fuss about the signature in it. We were made to return the following day and they asked for the ID copy of the recipient. When we showed it to them, the teller who faced us this time around said they don't need a copy of the ID and even said who asked for it. ?!

Comfort- In BPI, even if I have to wait for my turn, I am seated comfortably. I go to the BEA computer, put my details then when it's my turn facing the teller it's so fast and easy.

In BDO, I stood in line for more than an hour to make a deposit. (Not to mention waiting under the heat of the sun for close to an hour to withdraw from the ATM). It's like lining up for free canned goods, noodles and rice.

ATM- Depends on the location. In Ayala malls, expect more BPI ATM Machines.

In SM Malls, expect more BDO ATMs. There are places where there is a BDO ATM but no BPI ATM, and locations where there is a BPI ATM but no BDO ATM.

I have been a depositor  in BDO for a decade, I think. Not even once did I receive a token, not even a little pocket calendar. I get it. I am not a multi-millionaire hence I am not a most valued client. But I am happy that they have a Rewards Card. I use the accumulated points to pay when I shop in SM.

I go to BPI to make deposits to other people's accounts and also there were some companies I worked in where their payroll is thru BPI. I am thinking of transferring my funds to BPI, but the thing holding me back is that I think they don't have a service that lets me have BOTH ATM and Passbook.

Update: I have opened a savings account at BPI (my account with BDO is still active so I now have 2). It allows me to have a passbook but no ATM, but it is alright as I heard that recently, there has been complaints of disappearing money after using BPI ATM.

So there, I just wanted to write about it. As you can see, I wrote honestly and I am in no way paid by either company or invented these things. These are just my observations because I have been to their different branches many times.

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