Monday, April 7, 2014

Haul from SM North Edsa Shoes and Bags Sale

I accompanied my husband today as he went to the Skydome April 3 to 6, 2014 Shoes and Bags Sale. Earlier, I told myself I don't need to buy anything new for myself, but of course, that didn't push through. Read on to see my fab find... 86% off!

sm north edsa

There's so many people inside!

skydome shoes and bags sale

As we were looking for his work bag, which he replaces often because it gets ruined easily because of the heavy contents, a luggage being pushed caught my eye. I asked for the price and I was very surprised. It was originally Php 10,999.75 now only Php 1,500. I was like- HUWAAAAT?!! My other luggage that I bought in the department store from a local brand needs to be replaced. During its 2nd time of use, I repeat just SECOND, the handle came off. But good thing we can bring it to them for free repair.

tsa lock

I had a hard time choosing between that one and this one. I liked that this blue Elle luggage looks more modern, it's from a newer collection as compared with the first one, it's a bit smaller and way lighter, and the material is the same with what is used in parachutes. More importantly, I save more with this as the original price is about Php 15,000 now only Php 1,500 too. 

elle bag

Well we finally settled for the brown one because of these considerations- it's bigger, it has more compartments, more wheels (this has 4 medium plus + 2 smaller =6 wheels, while the other one only has 4) and it has a TSA lock. It looks more formal and like a classy bag.

Both of them have a cover and hanger inside. The downside of the Elle luggage sale is that they removed the warranty.

elle luggage

While waiting for my hubby I saw that Grendha has a sale too. I need to replace my worn out Ipanema so I got this for Php 750. I can't quote the original price because the salesman removed the "price before" sticker prior to checkout but I think this about Php 1,450. I had a hard time looking for my #6 Sandals Size.


Finally, my husband got his bag. It's Compass  bought for Php 1,280. He had to really search around because it's the last day of sale so most of the styles he preferred were already sold out.


A couple of days after, he had that replaced with this backpack from Europak. From Php 3,999.75, it's now only Php 2,800.

europak backpack

Well I feel guilty that my hubby bought only 1 for himself while I got 2 for myself. In fairness to me, I don't ask him to buy me anything, it was HIM who always insists on getting me stuff. Yeah, spoiled wifey here. 

Note: This isn't a paid/sponsored post. Just my Happy Days experience :)

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