Friday, April 11, 2014

Sam Concepcion & Chef's Noodle- A Rising Star!

I was very happy to be a among the reporters and bloggers present during the introduction of Sam Concepcion as Chef's Noodle's latest celebrity endorser.

chef's noodle robinsons magnolia
It's refreshing to see the interiors are unlike in other fastfood joints. Just see the decors, the bowls in the wall, the lightbulbs.  The venue was jam-packed!

As we waited for the arrival of Sam, we partook their delicious offering-

Rice Rolls- if you love Japanese sushi, you'll love this! Kimbap and Kimchi Kimbap- Php 115;  Bulgogi Kimbap- Php 125


Shrimp Twigim- like the Japanese's tempura, Php 345. It also has fried onion rings.


Kas Basket- deep-fried chicken, pork and fish with special dipping KAS sauce. Php 295.

kas basket

Japchae- one of my fave Korean food, literally meaning 'a mixture of vegetables.' Php 195


Spicy Tofu- love it!!! Php 75

spicy tofu

Yummy and filling by itself Korean fried rice- sticky rice with seaweeds and more

korean fried rice

There's also some fruits served in a plate like pineapple, watermelon etc.

chef's noodle philippines
My half-full iced tea (na walang ice) cup

I'd barely finished my meal when there was silence and people started standing up--- SAM'S HERE!!!

chef's noodle endorser sam concepcion

There was some Q&A with the press. He spoke about his 2014 projects and Gary V.'s upcoming concert with him as guest, this April 11-12. Even the issue with a  popular actress was asked. Mr. Gemora later announced that Sam, being one of the most talented young performers of his generation, will soon be having a BIG  concert.

Afterwards, the symbolic shaking of hands between Chef's Noodle's Operations Manager Ms. Nancy Go and Sam Concepcion, and then photo-op!!!

chefs noodle sam concepcion nancy go
Ms. Go: Chef's Noodle started in 2012. He has a lot of potential like our brand.

I have tried their food in SM North and I can say it's really delicious and good to share. There's food for different palates- if you want sweet, spicy, mild. I personally love spicy foods, I really do, I can stand the heat. For me, medium/strong can make food taste better and more appetizing.

nikki veron cruz audie gemora
With the host Ms. Nikki Veron Cruz of Net 25, and for Stages Management (Sam's Manager) Mr. Audie Gemora 

Chef's Noodle is very active in their promotions as they gave away free food in their SM North Edsa  branch during its opening and also participated in Blogapalooza last year.

Thanks for this Chef's Noodle! Can't wait to try Starking Fire on my next visit! It's a sight to behold as the chef will come to your table and torch your sushi  right in front of you!

chefs noodle voucher

For great-tasting healthy food at reasonable price, (and with Wi-Fi access) visit Chef's Noodle Korean Restaurant!

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