Monday, April 14, 2014

second giveaway + winner


Last month, I had a- not really a mini giveaway as I hadn't really approached any company to sponsor my blog giveaways, but more on- sharing my blessings. I held it in the Facebook page and here is the winner- Stephanie!

Here's what she got-

FREE Makeover worth 1500 from PAC, Sachets Sensodyne, Ponds. Samplers Ocean Potion, Celeteque, Yves Rocher. Myholygrail mirror with keychain. Yoshinoya mug and discount coupon. Swap, Tomato Time, Too Cool for School discount/free voucher. Ecobag and fan from C2.


On her way home from work, we met for the first time.
Congratulations, such a sweet girl.


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