Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Styli-Style Trendy Sharpener

Before, I thought it was impractical to buy a simple pencil sharpener for more than Php 30 (less than 1 US Dollar) so I get mine at the bookstore. But it all changed when I tried the Styli-Style Trendy Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener.


It was on sale for Php 72.25 when I bought it in Beauty Bar. Its original price is Php 215.
I actually had no plans to buy this but since I came inside the store and looked around, might as well leave with a purchase. It has Germany printed on it so I guess that's the country where it's made.
When it comes to Germany, beauty products wise, I associate it with quality pencils and cosmetics and a popular skin care brand.

sharpener made in germany

I had a hard time sharpening the Eye of Horus Eyeliner pencil. It takes too much strength to rotate the pencil.

pencils- eye of horus, ever bilena, lancome

But when I used this blue Styli-Style, I was able to sharpen this plastic pencil with ease.
It was also able to hone even these (even though wooden) very challenging small and thin Lancome pencils.

styli-style trendy beauty bar

I'm blown away!

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