Sunday, May 4, 2014

Andok's Restaurant Review

Birthday. Christmas. Payday and other occasions. Filipinos love a whole chicken on the table.

In our neighborhood there are many roasted chicken stalls and some have closed down. But delicious Andok's Litson Manok Liempo is one that stood the test of time.

In our trip to Olongapo recently, we walked around looking for a place to have breakfast. There were many fastfoods but I chose Andok's.
Even in Boracay, I told my companion that we'd eat there.
Why? I trust the name and it is budget friendly! That's why it's called "Pambansang Litson Manok" (National Roasted Chicken.)

So this is my experience in this particular branch:
andok's pambansang litson manok olongapo branch

Ambience- maaliwalas, al fresco

Service- good

Dokito- the first time i ordered it in Tutuban many years ago, I thought, wow for Php 40,  it's such a big chunk of chicken at an affordable price. I like its crispy breading :)

We ordered extra rice for Php 14

andok's dokito chicken

Chopsuey- hot when arrived. Sauce is good and has different toppings like lechon kawali, chicharon, shrimp, carrot, onion, liver, pechay, squidball. Rice toppings have other variants available and it's only Php 49- highly recommended.

andok's chopsuey

Bibingka- No need to wait for -ber months. I first tasted it in their branch in HermosaTondo. Inside, the texture looks like a leche flan, not like what is sold in the sidewalk that looks like dry bread. It's yummy. Top is shiny with butter or margarine, has salted red egg, muscovado, niyog. Price is Php 49.

andok's bibingka

Mais con yelo- refreshing this summer. Php 29 only, a dessert made with fine ice, milk and corn; mix it well because the sugar is in the bottom.

andok's mais con yelo

Drinks- The 5 peso Pepsi that is a big hit in our friendly Andok's place in Caloocan is not available in this branch so we ordered the Php 35 1.5 liter softdrink.

pepsi in andoks

Comfort Room
I really appreciate that Andok's has an available restroom for the "relief" of their customers. There are some expensive restaurants in malls that did not even bother to put up a toilet for their customers perhaps due to space constraint.

It is obvious that I like Andok's. If you love something then you must suggest on how they can improve. And since it's a review (of this particular branch and time only) here goes:

  • please strain thoroughly the rice before cooking
  • please set up a blue light insect zapper coz it's difficult to eat while shooing those pesky flies
  • please clean the CR!

Worth another visit?
Of course!

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