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Finding Oppo

Philippine Mobile Oppo Technology, Inc. had its grand launch last April 10, 2014 4:00 PM at at the Grand Plaza Ballroom of the Sofitel Philippine Plaza, in CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City.

At about 3:00 PM, I assumed I was the first from media to arrive.

At the lobby, we had a glimpse of their history as depicted in the wall. Then had a look and feel of their cellphones on display. Their staff was accommodating and answered all our queries. We were served cocktails.

oppo mobile philippines

hotel sofitel oppo

oppo cellphone

Then, we headed inside the hall and the presentation started.

Ms. Katrina Li, Overseas Brand Director, delivered her message about OPPO.

It was started in 2004 by a group of young ambitious individuals. A brand that can make a difference in people's lives.
She proudly stated that it was the Number 3 brand for MP3 and MP4 in China and Number 1 in the premium Blue-Ray brand.
She said the secret behind Oppo success is 1 word only- PRODUCT.
This 2014, they plan to break records and impress all of us.

katrina lee

Mr. Zhao Han, Product Manager, Philippines Oppo Mobile Technology Inc., introduced Find 7. The hardware combines the art of technology and beautiful workmanship.

han zhao

Find 7 accommodates a most-powerful CPU.
It adopts the TOL (Touch On Lens) one glass integrative binding technology which contributes to fewer cracks and strengthens the body by 40%.
With a 13mp camera and 50mp software enhancement, it can pick out the best parts of 10 consecutive photos and combine them to make a crisp 50 MP ultra-HD image.
Find 7 features the new and exclusive VOOC rapid charging technology. Within 30 minutes of charging, battery life is already 75%. It also employs an innovative structure to reduce temperature  and each section is heavily secured, making it the SAFEST- and FASTEST-charging phone.

When I asked the staff manning the phone displays, she said that the Find 7 should be available in stores by June.

Mr. Jeoy Chao, ColorOS Director, OPPO, talked about  ColorOS.
ColorOS is software solely Oppo-owned. Created based on Android 4.3, it's an interface that perfectly blends both practical and technical system.

jeoy chao

Then there was a Hollywood-like short movie about a magician's journey to find himself. It was quite a spectacle to behold.

Then the Find 7 parade by a bevy of sexy models.

About Oppo N1
It is embedded with the latest Sony stacked CMOS sensor and boasts of being the worlds's FIRST free-angle rotating camera.
It has undergone 100,000 rotating tests. Translated to being able to withstand 40 rotates a day in 7 years.
Its separate O-Click (which looks like a keychain) alarms off when it is away from the device by 17ft. It can also be clicked to capture an image in the camera.
It has O-Touch at the back so one can swipe there instead of the front screen.
oppo n1

Next came time for Remarks by the CEO, Mr. James Ma, Philippines Oppo Mobile Technology Inc. He says that Oppo wants to challenge international brands. The reason for their success is Oppo always develops innovative products. Their only competitor is themselves.

james ma

Price of Find 7a with all its superb features- only Php 22,990!

What they did next caught me by surprise.
The staff in green shirts and their official, Mr. Ma broke into an energetic dance number and the Chinese song they moved to was very catchy. Of course, it brought the house down.

oppo china

We were shortly invited in the foyer area for Q&A and photo-op, then to the outside garden to experience and know more about the mobile phones.
find 7a philippine launch

Afterwards, we returned to the hall and had a sumptuous dinner.
Lastly, they raffled off Find 7a to 8 lucky guests- 4 from the media and 4 from distributors.

Trivia: Leonardo di Caprio is Oppo's official endorser from 2010-2011.

I initially thought it was a Korean brand, like, Oppa (Oppo) Gangnam Style. But I found out that it is an international brand from China and their Research and Development is in the USA. Meaning this is not a "me-too" as they always innovate.

With Oppo mobiles' developments and exclusive features, this very promising brand is truly exciting.

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