Saturday, May 31, 2014

Guerlain Meteorites Workshop

Last May 30, 2014, I attended the Guerlain workshop with professional makeup artist Ms. Sabs Hernandez in SM Aura Activity Center in Taguig. It started at 4:00 PM.

Guerlain is a French luxury brand. It was founded in 1828. They started with perfumes, then ventured into makeup (iconic Meteorites, Terracotta, Rouge Automatique among others) and skin care.

guerlain sm aura sabs hernandez

By this time, I admit I have attended different workshops, and learned varying techniques, but, as I told Ms. Sabs, I'm grateful I still picked up something new from her.

guerlain skin care

Here are some of her tips:
  • Makeup is personal.
  • Seal in and make sure moisturizer is absorbed by warming your hands and cupping your face. When moisturizer is left to dry on its own it will just evaporate.
  • Skin in eyes (same with earlobe) is thinnest and most sensitive. Needs special care.
  • Apply foundation as thinly as possible and fingers are still the best tools.
  • Set foundation with powder so it will not move, especially with our humid weather.
  • Pressed powder is thicker than loose powder.
  • The point where you start is where most of the product gets deposited. In doing eyebrows, best to begin at the arch while in eyeshadow, at the outer corner.
  • Invest in good quality skincare and foundation.
  • And- she confirmed my thoughts all along- some faces are not balanced. For example, 1 cheekbone is higher than the other. So learn to be your own critic.
After the demo and when she finished attending to the other girls, Kamila and I approached her for some one on one consultation. 

guerlain face foundation

guerlain terracotta

guerlain eye makeup

I admit I have been lemming Meteorites for a long time now ever since I saw it in a Duty Free brochure. Meteorites is not just a pretty product. There are many knock offs but the original can never be imitated. It gives skin glow and illumination. Pink to refresh the complexion, green to diminish redness, white for a brighter complexion, mauve to catch the light, gold and pearl to add a perfect touch of radiance to the face.

guerlain lipstick

guerlain perfume

This event was open to the public, just RSVP. They gave freebies to guests in attendance.
Thank you for these samplers inside a black Guerlain bag: Abeille Royale serum, Blanc de Perle foundation and whitening essence, and La Petite Robe Noire perfume. 
Psst... friendship Rattus, she also gave a token for you! It was he who invited us but, alas, could not make it. 

Abeille Royale serum, Blanc de Perle foundation and whitening essence, and La Petite Robe Noire.

Guerlain is available in Rustan's Makati and Shangri-La. The Sm Aura pop-up store will have a 3 month run.

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