Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mang Inasal Review

Review: Dinner today in a Mang Inasal branch in Caloocan.

Just okay. Noisy in a fastfood reality way with no music.

Cashier- not friendly.
Server- attentive and polite.

Don't be deceived but actually the chicken keeps on getting thinner and thinner it's as if it was just pulled to make it appear bigger. Back when Mang Inasal was new, we used to eat there all the time coz we, or rather my constant dining partner, can't get enough of the unli-rice and he would have 8 servings. But I was happy it was tasty and there was no blood in it.

mang inasal chicken
Boney at the back

Sisig- I don't really like the fats and my partner said it was too oily. But I liked the crispy chicharon in it.

mang inasal pork sisig

Halo-halo- now that's a revelation. I recently ate the halo-halo of a bakeshop-restaurant. There was nothing special in it and at Php 85, I was well disappointed. It tasted bland and the ingredients are few.

But Mang Inasal's halo-halo- wow you have to taste it to believe it. I liked that it was sweet, milky and there's so many toppings like ice cream, delicious leche flan reminiscent of Chow King's, ube, barquillo, banana, langka, mongo, beans, red sago, and macapuno. The only thing missing was green gulaman, as I was fine without nata de coco as I don't really like it.

mang inasal halo-halo

Because we bought a Paborito Meal with halo-halo, we were given coupons. We got a consolation prize, a Php 5 discount on out next halo-halo order.

mang inasal promo

Because it's payday, they might be rattled with many customers so these are the FAILS that happened:
I instructed the cashier that halo-halo be served LAST when I will ask for it. But a few seconds after I am seated the halo-halo came. Also I ordered a BANGUS sisig, it was also in the receipt, but I was given PORK sisig. I dont't wanna make a big deal so I accepted it. Few moments later, the cashier came and asked if I had my order changed? What?! Maybe the server switched orders as my hubby saw that he was carrying two sisig plates.

mang inasal review

Value for money
They got me at Unli-rice and soup.

For improvement
The toilet is out of order, so sorry for my poor companion who badly needed to pee. I am okay seeing there was a handwash area with soap.

Worth another visit?
Oh yeah!

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