Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Plana Forma in Centris Experience

This morning, I had a chance to try out a beginner's class in Plana FORMA Centris Walk Quezon City. Let's just say it exceeded my expectations.

About Plana FORMA:
Plana Forma™ brings to Manila a unique technique that combines Pilates, Yoga and Dance in what could probably be the most intense and addictive workout you'll ever experience. Plana FORMA™ is the only studio outside the United States that features instructors trained in the PHYSIQUE 57™ technique.
I am thankful to have a free 1 class voucher by visiting their booth in an event, read HERE 
So I went to their website, chose a class schedule and called for an appointment.

plana forma exercise

I failed to research on the proper attire so I was the only one who came in wearing little clothes- tank top and shorts for jogging and my socks, rubberized at the sole as it was, I realized it was better suited for sleeping.

What to wear, then?
The 4 others in our session were wearing T shirt and pants that stretched til mid knee. I am not sure if all of their non-slip colorful socks are from Plana Forma brand (priced at Php 300.)
They were also wearing flip flops til they changed into the socks, while I was wearing rubber shoes when I arrived.

Oh, do not forget to bring drinking water because Plana FORMA can make you sweat.

The facilities were clean,  very adequate, the shower room was complete with supplies and they even lend a towel. I also saw in the wall clippings of celebrities into Plana FORMA.

plana forma eton centris

I went 45 minutes ahead of schedule because they start on time.

Of course, since it was my first time, I think I was doing things wrong and good thing the instructor Ms. Jemie checked out on me often and assisted me.

We did warm up, lifting the small dumbbell, some stretching with the bar and rope, the ball, lying on the mat and many other movements.

I was catching my breath because I haven't exercised in AGES. I admit I had to stop a few times because I might pass out.

plana FORMA

Clearly, I was behind this class (because my name was ALWAYS called to attention haha) but there was no judgment. Everyone was focused on their own progress.
After the session, Teacher Jemie asked me how it was and I said "intense."

A few hours had passed, I can still feel the exhaustion, I felt starved, and my thighs were sore. Til the next day, my glutes and abs ached.
But I suppose that it is a good thing because it only meant that Plana Forma works and is effective.

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