Saturday, May 31, 2014

Vidal Sassoon Premium Color Care

This is my review of the Vidal Sassoon Premium Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner.
The 190 ml shampoo SRP is Php 199 while the 184 ml conditioner is priced the same at Php 199.
This is made in Thailand.
I was able to try this with Sample Room (where I got the items for free and just paid the Php 100 shipping fee.)

What they say:
"Vidal Sassoon Premium Color Care Series contains specially formulated ingredients that help hair damage due to coloring, while retaining vibrant color and enhancing shine.
Shampoo and Conditioner:
Transparent Veil Technology
Helps repair visible hair damage due to coloring, retain vibrant color and enhance shine.
How to Use: Apply to hair and gently work up lather without rubbing the hair strand against each other."
  • Retains color coz I notice more the brownish color of my hair (results might have been more pronounced if I used it 4 months ago when I had just colored my hair.)
  • Packaging looks very professional.
vidal sassoon premium color care series

For improvement:
  • Fragrance does not last all day. Because of the extremely hot weather, my scalp reeks of sweat in the evening.
  • My hair didn't feel healthy smooth. I suppose this is more for styling to make hair elastic.
vidal sassoon shampoo condtioner review

Shampoo ingredients doesn't have SLS but has Ammonium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfate.

Will I repurchase? 
I might look into other variants since I am more of a wash and go type when it comes to my hair.

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