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Brow Wow with Browhaus

Eyebrows frame the face. It is so important that it can make or break your appearance.

Last May 26, 2014, I had the good fortune of attending Browhaus Lucky Chinatown branch's bloggers' event.
This is their third branch in Metro Manila (the fourth is in Davao) and it opened last September 2013.
Every store is unique and here, the theme is "camping".


Browhaus is not just for the brows, they also offer lash services and threading for your other parts like forehead, chin, fingers, etc.

I arrived 10:30 AM and was offered some refreshments.
browhaus lucky chinatown

Afterwards, we were ushered inside the cubicle wherein we had a Brow Construction. My attendant was Ms. Jennifer. She meticulously threaded then tweezed my eyebrows.

I was totally surprised by the huge transformation it gave my look. In the past, my naturally straight and downward eyebrows were shaved by different beauty consultants and  now, I cannot believe that my eyebrows would be able to attain this beautiful arched shape. Even my friends were totally impressed!

brow construction
Results from threading is more lasting than shaving. Undergoing the former, it took a week before I saw any new hair; while for the latter, just the day after and I can notice a stubble.

I was told the results could have been better had it not been shaved (which was bad, I was told, because it causes ingrown) two days before and I was advised to return after 3 weeks for maintenance.

Soon, top bloggers Marj Sia and Jirbie Go arrived for a Brow Resurrection 2.4, and another lady from Harem (the company behind Browhaus) for her Tune Up: Maintenance.

tab abad-estacion of browhaus

No matter if you got over plucked, short, thin, sparse, patchy eyebrows, Brow Resurrection is the solution.

tab abad estacion of harem

Brow Resurrection is the PhD of brows and is more advanced than embroidery or tattoo because the effect is 3D realistic and looks like real hair strands. It is not just 1 line drawn, but very specific strokes that mimics the appearance of natural eyebrows.

100%  premium vegetable dyes ensure they don't turn blue or green. It is not forever so it won't be out of place when the face sags in old age.

Here is the process:

  1. The Brow Architect determines and trims to get the right shape for you, with your approval, of course.
  2. Then she makes an outline, sort of coloring with an eyebrow pencil.
  3. The numbing cream works its magic for 20 minutes.
  4. Then the real action begins: she first employs the sliding technique as she slices the skin employing the dye with utmost precision.
  5. The application of anti-bleed oil then numbing oil again.
  6. The second is picking technique. It is a deeper cut with dye and refining what might have been missed out in the first go.
  7. Post care instruction from your Brow Specialist. It is recommended not to get the area wet for 7 days to minimize risk of infection.
how to brow resurrection

Pain? Virtually none. One of the bloggers even fell asleep near the end of the procedure. I reckon it is similar to when I had a teeth extracted by the dentist or had a few warts "burned" by the dermatologist. I can feel or hear what they are doing but it did not hurt. (TMI?)
Blood? Yes, there is a little but you won't see it because it's above your eyes (unless you look at a mirror while it's being done.)
Safety: The Brow Architects are experts and rigorously trained. The blades are for single use only. The tools and supplies are from Singapore.
Tune Up: Recommended after 1-6 months, priced at Php 7,500 only. If it took a year for you before returning you will be charged the original Brow Resurrection price.
Benefits: Aside from the uber fab celebrity looking brows, it saves you precious time and effort fixing your brows.

After: Fabulous!
marj sia

jirbie go

Interested? Lucky Chinatown branch offers a special promo price of Php 25, 000 from the regular rate of Php 38,000 for the Brow Resurrection procedure. The aftercare system Build and Fix with tools, housed in a cute camera kit, is at Php 4, 950.

brow haus

You may also avail their package plan where you can save more.

Thanks Browhaus!!!

my amazing blow dry secret
They gave us a BDJ planner, My Amazing Blow Dry Secret that I was really wanting to try, eye shadows and a voucher for Browgraphy.

This post also appears in http://astig.ph/brow-wow-browhaus/

Visit their website at http://www.browhaus-manila.com/

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