Monday, June 2, 2014

Election Registration

Here in the Philippines, some people say, why bother vote? Nothing ever happens. We're still poor.
I share the same sentiments and I know for a fact that most politicians are corrupt. Even in the lowest barangay levels, there is anomaly.

But at least I can say I did my part.

I always follow my conscience when I vote and most of the time, those who I vote lose. But I haven't lost hope.

I had volunteered for PPCRV once and I was there til past midnight so I noticed some things.

Like those "pasaway" rule-breakers who secretly hand out sample ballots and whisper asking for support.
There are the candidates themselves loitering inside the school and watchers or paid people/relatives, still campaigning for their "manok" just outside the voting room causing confusion as to the validity of the votes during counting.

I was able to register or rather, transfer place of vote (because I had already registered in Manila City Hall and voted a few times) in Comelec Caloocan (located in A. Mabini near Sangandaan) on a Sunday, and a noontime at that! And it took me only about 15 minutes. It was fast because there's only me, and then a group from a faraway province came wanting to register but they lacked the proper requirements hence were advised to return.

comelec caloocan

What to bring:

Original and photocopy of valid government ID. They accepted my Unified Multi-Purpose ID. Allowed also are NBI clearance, SSS, Postal ID or Passport. For first timers, I think they should bring their Birth Certificate.
They don't accept Barangay ID, Barangay Clearance or Police Clearance.

I asked if they still issue Voter's ID. I said that I didn't receive mine but was able to vote even without it. The staff said that for a time, they stopped issuing voter's ID but now they make them again.
She said they don't know if it will be mailed and best to make follow-ups. 

Here are the steps for Comelec registration as seen in the picture

how to register voting
1. Verification- saying your particulars and giving the requirements

2. Log Book Precinct #- they look it up in the computer, then I filled up 3 back to back forms

comelec registration

3. Capturing- getting my picture and signature in the computer

4. Thumbmark

5. Signature

comelec precinct
This is my proof that I registered. A slip torn from the bottom of the form I filled-up.

I did not pay for anything. You only pay when it's a replacement of ID.

My companion inquired about his voters ID and said it's nearly a decade and he hasn't got it yet. The personnel looked into their mountain of files and sure enough, it was there.


These information are true to the best of my knowledge. To be sure, check with Comelec.

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